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Charles Trees

Raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Charles draws influence from a broad range of sources. Growing up hearing his parents Jazz, Folk and Rock records, his tastes changed after seeing Parliament/Funkadelic play live in '97 and Kraftwerk the following year in Detroit. He soon discovered the Hip-Hop and Techno sounds coming out of Michigan in the 90s, and was taken under the wing of DJ/producer extraordinaire Disco D. He quickly 'cut his teeth' in Detroit's gritty rave scene, DJing house his first party in 1999. By 2001, he had turned his direction towards Hip-Hop production with the Abolitionists as "Selekt Entity" and more experimental sounds with local Jazz and noise musicians with the project "Satchell". After years of contributing to various rap albums, January 2009 saw the first solo release by Charles Trees: "Accepted Truth" on the Moodgadget label. Later that year as a split single with beat maker Mux Mool was released, as well as a techno release as Mingus Rude on the same label and a track on a compilation for Ghostly International. In 2010, Paris imprint Musique Large released his second EP, "The Dream" after which Charles turned his focus on remixes, contributing to Shigeto's "Full Circle Remixes" on the Ghostly International label as well as work with Madrid based label LoveMonk, and Detroit's Waajeed.

Growing up in both NY and Miami, Michna (real name: Adrian Michna) is that unique breed of artist that draws from both the urban and the tropical. As a youngster, Adrian started DJing parties with cassettes and playing trombone in a band on the NYC bar circuit including the infamous Lion’s Den and CBGB’s.

After moving to Miami in the mid-90’s, he co-founded the pioneering Secret Frequency Crew, who deftly mixed instrumental hip-hop and electronic into a coherent whole. Their appropriately titled 12” “Miami Eyes,” became an underground hit and caught the attention of a then-unknown Diplo who would ask him for production work. SFC’s debut LP “Forest of the Echo Downs” also put Adrian on Ghostly’s radar as it was one of label founder Sam Valenti IV’s top LPs in 2004.

Currently based in Brooklyn NY, Adrian Michna (aka DJ Egg Foo Young) has become a staple in the NYC club scene, known for his chameleon like abilities. Outside of the club, he has been able to pursue a few hobbies such as building furniture, bicycles, photography, skeeball, and gloss lustre collages. While working on his solo album, he also found time to remix the mysterious Jandek (the only artist ever to do so) and produce on Brazilian group Bonde Do Role’s debut LP for Domino/Mad Decent.

It seems Adrian has found his stride as a solo artist, bringing together his myriad influences into a succinct sonic personage. His debut LP “Magic Monday” and the elevating single “Triple Chrome Dipped” are works of distinction and taste, getting asses on the floor in style.

Solar Year

Equal parts sound art and pop music, Solar Year emerged from the same creative community as Grimes, D'Eon and Tonstartssbandht--somewhere among gallery installations and late night loft parties. They use electronics and live resampling, creating otherworldly soundscapes-- hazy atmospheres that float between Nordic electro-pop, serene New Age reverie, and the liturgy of medieval monks.

Heathered Pearls (DJ Set)

The ambient project Heathered Pearls was the brainchild of Polish-born Brooklynite Jakub Alexander, who had a career deeply rooted in music before he ever released any of his own. He was music “curator” for Tycho’s ISO50 blog, Tycho’s manager, a DJ under the Aarnio moniker, and, latterly, head of A&R at Ghostly International, the label that released his music. Introduced as a young man to ambient music by his mother, he loved the sound but hated the “Pure Moods” clichs often associated with it, and strove to create his own vision of the genre that avoided these. In 2004, while residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he founded the eclectic electronica netlabel Moodgadget alongside his friend Adam E. Hunt, with the aim

of “exposing the diversity in electronically made music.” Many of the label’s alumni later went on to release albums on Ghostly.

After years of daily DJ mix podcasts on ISO50 as Aarnio, in 2011 his own music was released for the first time, as a now-hard-to-find EP compilation, Polite Isle, was issued under his real name through the digital subscription-only Ghostly Music Service; then, in December 2012, the Ghostly label proper put out his debut album as Heathered Pearls, Loyal. Created to help him deal with his own anxiety and heavily inspired by his favorite experience sitting by the ocean at night the hypnotic, soothing, melodic, loop-based ambient record dropped on vinyl and digital only. ~ John D. Buchanan, Rovi

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