Orchard Lounge

Orchard Lounge

If you can move, Orchard Lounge will back you up.

OL is the DJ collective of Spencer Lokken and Bethany Briscoe Lokken. Since they met this versatile duo has enlightened dance floors from Mexico to Maine with their highly unpredictable and eclectic sets. From headnodic downtempo & boogie to ominous and ultramodern house & tech, theirs is a democratic mission: to expose as many people as possible to the artists whom they admire and respect, create unique dance floor memories, and to cross traditional boundaries of turntablism/improv/electronic fusion.

What sets Orchard Lounge apart from other selectors, however, is that you won't always find them in the club. They've built a reputation over the last decade as a hard-touring festival act and set-break crowd favorite, frequently supporting live bands. The duo has a deep-rooted passion for live music, which has allowed them to experiment with a variety of different types of DJ sets when performing on stage.

Consistently labeled as risk takers, the members of OL aren’t afraid to clear a room if they genuinely believe in and appreciate the record. That said, they take their title as tastemakers very seriously and are constantly looking for new ways to engage even the most discerning of crowds. They have an interminable work ethic and while they cherish their underground roots, from day one they’ve been determined to bring the art of deejaying to the forefront of popular culture. Their goals are slowly being realized as they've had the rare opportunity of performing at world famous venues such as Red Rocks, the Pritzker Pavillion in Millennium Park, and New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom.

Despite their affinity for live music settings, Orchard Lounge will always feel right at home in the DJ booth. They've set dance floors ablaze alongside a bevy of heavyweights like The Meters, The Disco Biscuits, The New Deal, Lotus, DJ Krush, Jamie Jones, Benoit & Sergio, The Magician, Maya Jane Coles, Tiger & Woods, Bonobo, Lindstrom, Booka Shade, Nicolas Jaar, and Metro Area. They’ve also played countless headlining gigs around the country. While many high profile jet setters only get behind the decks for a short time, Orchard Lounge prefers to take the reigns for extended sets. You’ll often see them billed for six or seven hour sessions. And with digital DJing all the rage these days, don’t be surprised when they show off their record collections at one of their many vinyl only parties.

The name of the group is derived from the city street in Chicago where they became friends, honed their skills, and decided to form a group based on their shared taste of obscure electronica. Each member lived at a different address on the tiny Orchard Street on the north side of the city. They spent their days record shopping across the street at the legendary Gramaphone and many a late night debating the merits of pop music, listening to new sounds, and teaching each other different techniques. Soon, they were itching to share what they had created in the 'lounge'. They hit the pavement and started hustling for gigs as a collective. The rest is dance music history.

Hibernating in the mid-west for the better part of winter, Orchard Lounge has taken time off from their vigorous touring schedule to sharpen their studio moxie. Both of them are trained musicians and have enjoyed becoming immersed in creation. They are finally coming to terms with seeing themselves as their fans do – talented as individuals but trailblazers as a group.

OL's focus hasn't shifted since its inception over a decade ago: to provide sophisticated and stylish DJ sets that are appropriate in a variety of settings, from dance floor to couch.

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