Get Sharp was the first album from Bay Area darlings, The Limousines - that album took them all over the US, Canada, the UK and Europe on tour. The singles ‘Very Busy People’ and ‘Internet Killed the Video Star’ showcased the band's sense of humor with catchy beats and sing along snark. With their second LP, Hush, the band has explored themes they completely ignored on their debut record. "This is when we stop masturbating and start fucking," says singer Eric Victorino, of the theme of ‘Hush’. "Last time we'd shy away from anything that felt too personal, anything having to do with love and even sex... This time around every song is about love or sex."

After dumping their record label, the Limousines raised their recording budget via Kickstarter, where fans supported the band over 200% of their original goal. Equipment and a new studio were built and the band recorded the entire album on their own, with multi-instrumentalist Giovanni Giusti serving as producer, engineer in addition to his normal duties as the musical half of the duo.


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