Sweet Jo's Chilli & Biscuits

Sweet Jo's Chilli & Biscuits

To provide SF the most delicious and hearty chili with the much-loved Meetinghouse Biscuits - and other foods that are perfect that complement them.


2 hot Meetinghouse Biscuits 4.
with your choice of: pork sausage gravy OR collard greens,
Meyer lemon curd OR honey butter

Sweet Jo’s Chili 6. / 9.
Bad Ass Beef & Righteous Red Bean Chili

Vital Vegan Chili tofu, quinoa, bulgar, beans, corn & veggies
Green Envy: green Chicken Chili, Black beans, & tomatillos
Served with cheese, sour cream & scallion

Chili, grits & cheese with a poached egg 7.


Chunk of toasted fresh cornbread with honey-butter 2.5
Potato & smoked gouda tater tots 5.
Sweet potato fritters with ginger-maple, sweet & sour sauce 6.
Bowl of Anson Mills grits 4. w/ cheese 4.5 w/chili & cheese 6. w/pulled pork 6.
Sweet Jo’s mac & cheese 7. Add bacon 8.
Jablow’s Pig in blanket (Italian sausage rolled in a biscuit)
with honey-dijon mustard sauce 8.
Pulled Pork on Biscuits - bust out a fork ,
this ain’t no sandwich, 8.

Stu Allen & Mars Hotel

When it became apparent that Jerry Garcia had played his final show in 1995, Stu Allen began working to keep Garcia's music, sound, and spirit alive in the concert setting. Today, he is one of the leading figures in the jam band and Grateful-Dead-inspired community.

Allen shares the Grateful Dead's commitment to making each performance a unique event, from preparation to execution. He will perform multiple shows before playing the same song twice, and even then, that song will not be realized in quite the same way.

Mars Hotel takes this idea a step further by presenting a new band at each performance. Drawing from the rich music scene of the bay area, Allen has assembled an ever-rotating cast of musicians that bring new ears and hands into the melting pot. Fans are ever eager to hear what different combos will result. This approach also fosters the 'cross-pollination' of different musicians and fan-bases to grow the music and the scene. As far as Grateful Dead tribute bands go, this is a concept that has never been done before . . .

Allen's captivating soulful delivery (both vocally and instrumentally), freakish improvisational ability, and exceptional guitar tone have gotten the attention of some of the preeminent figures in the genre. He regularly works with Phil Lesh, and has also done sets with Bob Weir, and Bill Kreutzmann. Allen is perhaps most known for fronting Melvin Seals' tribute to the Jerry Garcia Band from 2004 to 2011. In 2010, he received more national acclaim when he toured with Dark Star Orchestra.

This is a Free Event! Brunch Starts at Noon.

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