Deep Chatham

Deep Chatham

Rising from the ashes of the popular North Carolina band Baby Cowboy, Deep Chatham was formed by guitarist Julian Sikes and upright bassist Jeff Loops. Ferociously talented songwriters, the duo crafted a heavy handful of original songs characterized by driving rhythms, intricate harmonies, and haunting melodies.

They immediately took their act on the road and began a relentless schedule of playing... music festivals, clubs, barrooms, and street corners from the deep south to the edges of the pacific northwest. Arriving in the tiny town of Talkeetna, Alaska, their paths fortuitously crossed with the gifted fiddle and banjo player Matt Heckler. The power of this songwriting trio was immediately apparent and the duo set forth as a power trio.

Arriving home in North Carolina after a series of highly successful shows from San Francisco to Maine, Deep Chatham recorded their long anticipated 2011 album, "Words from the Well". Known for their dedication to their craft and willingness to play anytime, anywhere, the trio sets forth once again in 2012 to conquer fans with their high energy live performances and infectious songs. From the stages of music festivals to your local street corner, keep your eyes and ears open.

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