Nic Cowan

Native Texan and now transplant Atlantan, singer-singwriter NIC COWAN's Southern accented growl of a voice immediately conjures up vintage visions of John Lee Hooker and Otis Redding. So, it's a little jarring when you come face to face with a 28 year old, tatted up skinny white boy. "I get that a lot!" says Cowan. "A lot of people think I sound a lot different than the way I am." Cowan's old soul successfully carries over to his debut album, Hardheaded. Released via Grammy winner and mentor Zac Brown's Southern Ground Artists record label in August of 2011, Hardheaded is miles away from the T-Pain AutoTuned up recordings Cowan's peers are currently producing. The album sounds like a long-lost master tape collecting dust on a shelf at Stax Records in Memphis, hardwired with Cowan's wry lyrics detailing the adventures of an old fashioned Southern boy taking on the Twitter age.

Designed to spark a good time, Cowan's music is unclassifiable, neatly mixing southern rock, country, soul and R&B without being hewing to any single style. Recently named "Singer Songwriter of 2011" in Atlanta Monthly's "Best of Atlanta" edition, his gritty, soulful voice—redolent of whiskey, cigarettes and dues paid—completes the package. Despite the opportunity a record deal represents, he's considered himself a success from the moment he was able to leave his day jobs (and night jobs) behind and play music full time. In fact, the building that now houses his record label and management company was once, in a prior incarnation, the prime destination for the UPS trucks he loaded once upon a time. It's a compact picture of how far his talent—and hard-headedness—has brought him.



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