TECLA Presents: KOOL + KASS Peaceful Solutions Mixtape Release & TIGGA CALORE

TECLA & Kassa

"We Are The Lucky Ones" explores the past, present, and future of music and culture. Reflecting on my past, I realize that I, in fact, am extremely lucky to have been born into a time where a biracial woman can explore her creativity and gain respect without having to sell herself short. Following in the footsteps of Josephine Baker – it is rare but it has happened in this album for me, a modern day Tragic Mulatto. I am attempting to abolish the notion of genre by exploring various sounds within this album. A woman should not be limited to simply one talent, I write, compose, produce, and sing on every song on the album."
-TECLA on her new album "We Are The Lucky Ones"

NYC sonic renegade TECLA released her second full-length studio album, We Are The Lucky Ones, on March 19th via Mayimba Music. We Are The Lucky Ones is a kaleidoscopic album that evinces the spectrum of Tecla’s life and musical journey from a child piano prodigy to years singing, rapping, djing, and producing in New York’s underground. We Are The Lucky Ones’ was entirely written by Tecla. The album’s genre-defying sound infuses Tecla’s uncompromising songwriting and rap lyricism with tropical, Caribbean, pop and funk elements.

TECLA is a first-generation New York City (Hell’s kitchen) native-born of Italian and Haitian immigrants. She has gone from being a classically trained child pianist prodigy to versatile performer in hip-hop, reggae, punk-rock, electronic, & funk bands. She has toured throughout the U.S. Canada, Europe, and Asia with Chrisette Michele, Das Racist, Gordon Voidwell, Chairlift, and more.

Exploring her talents on a variety of synth keyboards she discovered and developed her own modern musical sound.
TECLA is understood and known for her genre-mixing melodic compositions, danceable afro/funk/caribbean/tropical/pop production style, and boundary-breaking songwriting and rap lyricism. TECLA has been described as “the new freak Lauryn Hill”, “SWV on acid”, “the Rocktronica Black Cinderella”, “Ritchie Valens meets Pagliacci”.

It is hard to think of anything that TECLA cannot do as a pianist, composer,producer, DJ, singer, and rapper. As the most un-apologetically complicated gender-boundary-breaking female in the pop music circle today, TECLA will only continue to rise to a place where no one has gone before. Stay tuned.

Tigga Calore

Tigga Calore, also known as the Queen of NYC, or Mr Freshness, is a real Native
New Yorker born and in shaolin but raised in downtown nyc. She made a name for herself as a
performer, vouging-dancer, house DJ, and NYC Fashion Icon.
Learning from the best such as Willy Ninja himself, a legend of the ballroom
scene in NYC. He showed Tigga how to vogue in local downtown clubs
such as club cheetahs, clubhouse and the Octagon.
In 2003 Tigga was asked to curate the Vice Magazine Fashion week show in NYC
together with Willie Ninja and brought Jack Givency and other legends of the
Ballroom scene to be part of the show. The event was such a hit that it ended up in
the New York Times.
Her style as a DJ (in her own words) is a mix of: OG House/Vogue fem with a bit of
Antondraperm. Which is a combination of the old school classic House/Vogue and
storming beats.
Tiggas sound is bringing the original street vouging along with real NYC streets vibe
into the clubs of NYC.
In 2010 she made her international debut as a performer and dancer with the Hercules
and Luv affair touring throughout Russia.
Tiggas impressive street wear style made her the face and muse of several
streetwear brands such as A bathing Ape, Alien NYC and the Mademe Vans Sneaker just to name a few
and was photographed for: V magazinine, The Fader, Vibe Magazine, Complex
amongst others.
Tigga Calore did not only bless the crowds with her style, her music and personality
but also promotes/hosts memorable parties in the past and present in NYC.

As of Now Tigga Calore is making her own music, she teamed up with MikeQ and Brenmar and released her new track B.E.A.D.S (Bitches Everywhere Always Desire Shade) which is a Hit and being played all over nyc in underground clubs and also overseas.
Tigga Calore is the essence of NYC cool, real and nothing fake.

"Legendary children do legendary things“... Tigga Calore

Kool & Kass

Kassa Overall, drummer, producer and recording artist, is a rising star on today's music scene. Encompassing all styles and traditions of music, he works with artists ranging from jazz to hip-hop, indie-pop to avante-garde. As a drummer, Overall has been an integral part of Geri Allen's Timeline band which has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe for the past three years. You can hear their latest work on Geri allen's latest release entitled "Timeline Live." Being an extremely versatile drummer that can shine in any situation, he has also been making an impact on the indie-pop scene touring with artists such as Francis and The Lights, Gordon Voidwell, TECLA and Mayer Hawthorne.
Utilizing the capabilities of laptops and samplers on stage is a key element to Overall's signature sound. He has also toured extensively with his own band, fusing his jazz and instrumental training with his contemporary electronic passion. Overall received his Bachelor's of Music from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music where he studied under jazz drum legend Billy Hart. His mentors have also included the late Elvin Jones, Billy Higgins and Tutti Heath. Overall has also performed or recorded with Vijay Iyer, Das Racist, Francis and The Lights, Mayer Hawthorne and The County, Wallace Roney, Ravi Coltrane, Geri Allen, Billy Hart,Gary Bartz, Iron Solomon, Gordon Voidwell, TECLA and many more. Not only is he a versatile drummer and artist, but he is performing with some of the most respected and sought after artists of every genre he is involved in.
He is currently focused on his own projects as a producer, rapper and singer. His credits as a producer and rapper can be found on Das Racist's (Sit Down, Man) (Shut Up, Dude), TECLA's (Strangers in Masks), and Iron Solomon's (Monster) project's. With a passion for growth, development and persistence, Kassa Overall is definitely one to watch as the music evolves. Also be on the lookout for Kassa's debut self-produced project entitled "Coffee and Cigarettes", his collaboration album with KOOL AD of Das Racist, and for the fans who are waitnig patiently comes The Stargate Mixtape. A raw overnight mixtape made of entirely Stargate Production.


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