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Burial Ritual

The world as we know it has changed, and not for the better. We live no longer in an age of peace and prosperity, but one of corruption, greed, and endless warfare. A shadowy elite have collaborated over the decades to usher in a new world order, not for the benefit of mankind, but rather for its undoing. The tentacles of this world order can be seen all around us; domestic spying, torture, indefinite detention, warrant-less raids, police and military checkpoints, body scanners, and so on.
This is the reality in which the music of Burial Ritual lives. Having done away with the stagnant 'blood and guts' horror elements that countless death metal bands continue to employ, they have instead taken it upon themselves to confront the criminal elite through the brutality of old school, no frills, in-your-face death metal. Burial Ritual's sound has evolved heavily since their critically acclaimed debut album 'Tower of Silence', but they have stayed true to their old school sound and continue to expand and evolve.
Burial Ritual does not seek to 'reinvent the wheel' so to speak, for in this day and age countless other death metal bands attempt to one-up each other by becoming faster, more technical, and so on. Instead, they return to the roots of what made death metal great in decades past, but in a fresh and modern way. This has peaked the interest of many world wide, and Burial Ritual has amassed a considerable underground following not only through their exceptional recordings, but also their pulse pounding, adrenaline fueled live performance.
With the announcement of their second album, much anticipation has begun to build about what Burial Ritual intends to unleash upon the world. Quite simply put, it is music that you can start a revolution to, and that is exactly what the Milwaukee based death metal ensemble intends to do. Through their blistering condemnation of the elite and their unspeakable plans, Burial Ritual intends to lead the way in a new political awakening taking place across America and the world, becoming a musical tip of the spear in the fight against the globalists.
A new army has been recruited and the call to arms has been issued, and Burial Ritual will soon be launching a musical uprising in a town near you. Resistance is victory.

BOOLOW has been together forever. 4 guys that only play with heart. We do it because we love it and no other reason....who needs a fuckin bio? You wanna get to know us, come out to a show! We aint hard to find!

Coffin Syrup

Coffin Syrup is a brutal death metal band from Charleston, South Carolina founded in 2003.

Coffin Syrup executes a wide range of guttural and death metal vokillz in their songs, along with devastating drums, and dual guitar attack. Influenced by almost every corner of the metal genre, they incorporate elements of many styles of metal into their songs. Death, Black, Grind, Slam, Technical, Progressive, and Brutal Death Metal elements are all present in their songs among many other styles. Their skilled musicianship, sickening vokillz, and superior songwriting abilities have won them a rabid and dedicated fan base. Their crushing stage presence has made them infamous for stirring up vicious mosh pits during live performances, sometimes resulting in varying degrees of personal injury.


We are a blackened death metal outfit from Gastonia, NC. We consist of former members of Lust of Decay, Infensus Inferi, Rapheumets Well & Art Of A Massachist.
Novgorod is a blend of several different styles of metal. Everything from black and death metal to prog and thrash. We do not ask for permission to play what we want and we do not apologize for it. We are who we are and if we are liked great and if not then we dont play it for you anyway

$5.00 - $7.00


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