The Reticent, Idle Forsaken, Mysteriarch

The Reticent

"The Reticent is progressive in the truest sense of the term, and remain one of the best-kept secrets in metal." - Hard Rock Haven

I am The Reticent. As are we. Time destroys everything.

Idle Forsaken

Beginning as just an acoustic side project created by Corey Tossas and Daniele Brumana in September 2011, Idle Forsaken has since morphed into a fully formed metal entity. Combining dark melodies, atmospheric tones, thought provoking lyrics, and hammering riffs. Idle Forsaken's music takes the listener on a dark sonic journey into the unknown, and introduces them to a haunting musical world. Listeners will soon be able to experience Idle Forsaken's music when they release their EP Tundra!


"MYSTERIARCH" n. One presiding over mysteries.

Mysteriarch was formed in Charlotte, NC in 2002. Drawing inspiration from the occult, as well as humanity's mystery traditions and the hidden aspects of existence, they wasted little time establishing a powerful and unique style of black metal. The band's first EP "Renaissance of the Maelstrom" was recorded in 2004 and was only distrubuted privately
among friends.

After several years of extensive gigging and line-up changes, the band's debut full-length album "The Majestic Fall" was released through Ophiucus Records.

In 2011 Mysteriarch signed with U.S. label Razed Soul Productions to release their 2nd full-length album "Mournful Embrace of Aeons", along with a re-release of the debut full-length album and EP.

Mysteriarch have shared the stage with some of Metal's elite acts, including Absu (USA), Blood Red Throne (Nor), Grave (Swe), Chthonic (Twn), Epica (Neth), Mayhem (Nor), Rotting Christ (Grc), Sothis (USA) and many more.

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