Bodyfather, Hemp Hill, The O'Reilly Factors, P.O.W.


Ex members of Benard, Die Benny, Campaign and Jena Berlin. Current members of Burners and Alphamale.

Hemp Hill

Hemp Hill is three dudes who play punk rock music. We use that term loosely. Fuck it.

The O'Reilly Factors

We are a punk band. We're into progressive politics. We are members of the State Sponsored Terrorism collective. Do you know how to play an instrument or like to sing? We have an open invitation for anyone to play with us.

Tim, Rusty and Mike got together and wrote three songs that became God Hates Figs. Later our friend Victor joined and like a week ago our friend Lenny did.

We play the music we wanna play and sometimes its loud and fast and sometimes its not as loud or fast. We're into DIY and all that jazz. Talk to us about music, politics, Star Wars, etc.-- we like that stuff.


Grim Reefer-Drums
Hash Slinging Slasher-Bass

$5.00 - $7.00


Who’s Going

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