New Beings, The French Kings

New Beings is Mickey Sanchez and Christian Peslak.

The French Kings

Gravity Nash is proud to present the release of The French Kings' CALLAS at Glassands. The cousins Bonventre- Numerius, a Shakespeare critic, and Santino, a classically trained vocalist and Ratatat's former onstage afro, left Brooklyn for Berlin and eventually the Greek island of Ikaria to record what would become their second album. Born out of a mutual love of opera and drinking, CALLAS finds arrogantly played razor like guitars, heavy keyboard sounds, and crushing beats meeting orchestrated Freddie Mercury takes on Michael Jackson vocal approaches. The album ends up sounding like a club where geniuses want to do drugs with strippers and everyone knows how to play guitar.

From the first words of the opening song (also called CALLAS): "Less than kind and less than wise..." it is apparent that the band does not have a very optimistic view of society, that the album was conceived as a place where people actually do what they want, dictate rather than be dictated to. A place where if actions had consequences, one could kill themselves for say, a political motive. But since it doesn't, you might as well stamp out the hindrance, create the future, and drink your way to death while reaching for a girls hips.

-Mischa Perez,


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