Ghost Trees, Aram Shelton's ton trio ii

Ghost Trees

Ghost Trees are Seth Nanaa (drums) and Brent Bagwell (tenor saxophone).

Nanaa (ex-Indian Summer) and Bagwell (Great Architect) met in NYC in 2000. Along with bassist Jordon Schranz, they formed The Eastern Seaboard. That trio toured the US relentlessly, releasing two records with legendary Italian label Black Saint and a fistful of vinyl and CDs from Tigerasylum Records.

After playing together for a decade, the duo have established a rapport and approach befitting the honest nature of their music.

Aram Shelton's ton trio ii

The Oakland based Ton Trio II features Aram Shelton on alto saxophone, Scott Brown on bass and Alex Vittum on drums.

Continuing the thread from Dragons 1976 to ASQ, Ton Trio II is the newest outlet for the jazz compositional style of Aram Shelton. With a folksy and open ended aesthetic to frame and influence the improvisations, the written music offers plenty of room for these three to create music together. Ton Trio II is quickly develping a body of work through a monthly at the Layover in Oakland hosted by the Oakland Freedom Jazz Society.

Aram Shelton is a multi-instrumentalist on saxophones & clarinet, improviser and composer. Originally from southeast Florida, Shelton spent several productive years in Chicago and currently lives in Oakland, California. While the music he makes is spread across a variety of aesthetic lines, it is grounded in and influenced by the rich history of avant-jazz and free improvisation in America and Europe since the 1950s. Shelton was recently featured in Downbeat due to his active ties to the creative music scenes in the Bay Area and Chicago. In California the groups Cylinder, Ton Trio, and Marches represent his music; He maintains his connections to Chicago through the groups the Fast Citizens (Delmark), Rolldown (Cuneiform), and Arrive (Singlespeed)

"As an improviser, he possesses the mind of a composer, such is the consideration he puts into his work" - All About Jazz

"Shelton's alto tone is full of the quizzical curls and bitter wisps, not to mention sharp repetition, that recall Roscoe Mitchell at his hairiest."- Clifford Allen, Bagatellen

"Shelton plays alto with a singing sound and a wonderful way of developing juicy phrases into full-blown solos."
- John Litweiler, author of "Ornette Coleman, A Harmolodic Life"

"brings to mind a young Anthony Braxton, with an acerbic asceticism, obliquely rooted in jazz, at work."
- John Kelman - All About Jazz


Mulch from Menlo Park playing improv-noise-math-jam-rock-nonsense.


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