The Ocean Blue

The Ocean Blue

The Ocean Blue's debut record on the famed Sire Records label in 1989 achieved widespread acclaim and radio & MTV airplay. The band of four young high schoolers from Hershey, Pennsylvania went on to do two more well-received records for Sire, the atmospheric Cerulean and alt pop Beneath the Rhythm and Sound, and a fourth record for Mercury/PolyGram, See The Ocean Blue, before leaving the majors in the late 90s. The band did several independent releases in the 2000s, including Davy Jones Locker and Waterworks, and within the last several years began working on a new full length record, their first in over 10 years. That record, entitled Ultramarine, is scheduled for release March 19, 2013 on Korda Records, a new Minneapolis cooperative label that the band helped launch in late 2012.

Ultramarine is a spectacular return to form that recalls the band's earliest work, and should appeal to fans old and new alike.


Riverside's Taste is the album the group's label thought nobody wanted to hear. Originally scheduled for release in 1994, Taste was shelved by Sire Records, and the band distributed it themselves via the Internet as a six-track cassette. Considering that Sire dominated the market on new wave guitar pop acts during the '80s, the label's indifference to Taste is baffling. Perhaps alternative radio's shift from British post-punk to grunge in the '90s helped with their decision. Unlike Riverside's 1992 debut LP, One, the group actually acknowledges the existence of grunge on Taste, namely in the feedback-drenched title track and the sudden bursts of fuzz on "Marvel" and "Indiana." However, the album never gets too loud; the band walks a tightrope between updating their sound and keeping their '80s stylings intact. Riverside's songs are often soaked in dreamy riffs; telling each track apart on One isn't easy, but the group shows more versatility here. The spiraling guitars in "Marvel" and the downbeat, New Order-esque basslines in "Low Down" are complemented with keener hooks than the band was capable of on One. It takes a few spins for Taste to kick in; its beauty is too subtle to fully absorb on first listen. "I will rescue you with my music strings," Keith Kochanowicz sings on "Indiana," a heartfelt promise sadly unheard because of changing tastes.

Don Peris

Don Peris is the longtime and current guitarist for the innocence mission. His solo CDs include: Brighter Visions Beam Afar, a quiet instrumental offering of Christmas hymns arranged for solo guitar and gently performed by Don. ....Go When The Morning Shineth, Don's second solo CD, a "resplendent collection of music featuring the chiming, electromatic sound and occasional voice of Don Peris...and Don's first CD, Ten Silver Slide Trombones.



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