KZME Presents: Orphan Train, Blue Skies for Black Hearts

Orphan Train

Orphan Train is the latest project created by Aram Arslanian (who previously released recordings using only his first name). Since releasing his last album, Aram served as musical director and guitarist for Lisa Marie Presley and also toured with Sandra Bernhart. Although he makes a living supporting others...that is likely to change over time as he continues to pursue his own career. Arslanian's tunes keep getting better...and Orphan Train offers a wealth of superb soft pop compositions that are incredibly genuine and unique. Aram's music sounds something like Peter Gabriel if he were playing straightforward soft pop. The lyrics are reflective and the arrangements subdued and subtle. But the songs are the real treat here. Heartfelt and sincere, Arslanian's compositions strike real emotional chords. Beautiful tracks include "Raise the Rent," "Bundleful," "Shine On," and "Isobel." Our favorite track is "Lucy's Gone"...which will easily end up being one of the best songs of the year. A remarkable and thoroughly rewarding album. Highly recommended. (Rating: 5+++)"
March 2005 LMNOP

Blue Skies for Black Hearts, June 24, 2008 - Patrick Kearns makes no attempt to hide his love for old records. His influences remain right out in the open, with song titles like "With a Rubber Soul" winking playfully at anyone familiar with the history of rock music over the past 40 years. Kearns and his band Blue Skies for Black Hearts keep winking with "Siouxsie Please Come Home," from their third album, Serenades and Hand Grenades. Unlike the gentle acoustic pop of the band's past work, "Siouxsie Please Come Home" — with its raw electric backbeats, its British Invasion-inspired melody, and its rousing chorus of "I don't wanna waste all of your time" — heralds a rock 'n' roll album saturated with electric guitars, abrasive horns, multi-part vocal harmonies, and even a string section. .... World Without Love



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