La Bella Charade

La Bella Charade

We are LA BELLA CHARADE. A 5-piece pop punk band hailing from Saint Louis, Missouri. This band is all about staying true to yourself and doing what you love. We strive to recreate and recapture the heart and passion of the music we grew up loving. We love playing music and we love you.

Home and Away

Strange how some bands are formed.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Home & Away was formed through a bit of luck after years of crossing paths randomly. Once guitarist/vocalist Evan Murray and vocalist Bryan Casselman discovered their common past of growing up in Kansas City, years of experience in the KC local music scene, even being at the same shows and never knowing it, they instantly formed a strong friendship as well a talent for playing off each others' individual writing talents.

Enter bassist David Fernandez. Accidently stumbling on a craigslist ad that Bryan had posted, it was clear there was chemistry and a potential for good friendship and good music.

Since the bands inception in September 2011, they had struggled to find a fitting lead guitar. The band played several shows with and without a lead guitarist and still weren't able to find one that stuck. Throughout all this time, Home & Away had become good friends with another band in the area and had asked for the help of Nick Vandas, guitarist for the other band, during several shows. Finally, Nick was asked to just join the band.

For a full year after that, the band searched forever looking for the right drummer to be the back bone of the powerful quartet. After several fill in drummers and countless ads on Craigslist (again), the band found Dustin DeLonga, a powerful and energetic drummer from across the river to fill out the line up.

Now with high energy guitar melodies, provocative dueling vocals, and upbeat rhythms, this StL group is pushing the limit and making headway in St. Louis' local rock music scene.

So come to a show, have fun, sing along, hang out, and make some friends because to Home & Away, it's all about fun!

Bike Path

Rock band from Saint Louis, Missouri. Aaron/Josh/Sammy



$2 minor surcharge at the door

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