Natural Child

Natural Child

"Nashville band Natural Child first came onto my radar during the most recent CMJ Music Marathon when they crashed an Impose Magazine showcase (featuring The Beets, The Girls At Dawn, and Smith Westerns, among others) and basically stormed the stage, with an entourage of Nashville boys and proceeded to play one of the most exciting, eneregetic, and ridiculous punk sets I'd seen in a long time. I instantly fell in love. ... Natural Child's songs are all loud and driving, kind of reminiscent of The Replacements, but in a charming, Southern way. From songs about being forced to sleep with someone, to one about smoking crack with friends, the lyrics are constantly entertaining. Natty Child (as the kidz call them), three boys aged 21, 21 and 25, have pretty old school influences (besides JEFF, who I don't think really count...) including Neil Young, The Band, Thin Lizzy, and Bob Dylan from 1969 to 1976." --WFMU

Birdcloud met in Murfreesboro and immediately didn’t like eachother. At a party in 2009 they had some whiskeys and became friends and started dicking around on guitar, writing their first song, a song about going down on your best friend, now lost to the sands of time. Despite a lukewarm reception at Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe, they have been sitting on eachother’s faces ever since, showing eachother their bruises and generally doing whatever they want when it works out that way.

Sleepy And The Bedtimes

We're a band. We rock. We roll. Yeah yeah yeah.



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