Not Blood Paint

Long before you arrive at a Not Blood Paint show the rumours reach you. They are music, they are spectacle, they are hit 'n run theater, car crash club night, they are a disorientating re-imagining of what four men, five coats of make-up and accomplished musicality can do with a six by ten space.

"Whereas most bands falter when it comes to this sort of copious genre-bending and experimentation, Not Blood Paint thrives. The art never overwhelms the pop and the pop never overwhelms the art." - Dan Caffrey, Consequence of Sound

"It's like two David Bowies with two mirrors having two sexes with Cleopatra, Hamlet, and Dionysus. They're a four-piece." -Jim Earl

SWIMM is the music of Chris Hess, Adam Winn, and several friends. The music flows in different directions, dipping into indie rock, dance, and rock n roll all with a twinge of psychedelia as the common element.

O Paradiso

O Paradiso was started by Jacob Bills and Darryl Specht in February, 2013. Having collaborated on previous musical projects (Asa Ransom and Death of Fashion), O Paradiso is the next movement of a musical language developed through years of collaboration. With new interest in non-traditional instruments and sound environments, O Paradiso's sound sits at an edge of collected sounds, moving rhythm, electronic experimentation and melody. Along with former Asa Ransom percussionist Ryan Sartin, O Paradiso began performing live and recording in March, 2013.


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