Ava Luna

With the release of the critically-lauded Services EP in early 2010
and a near-constant stream of shows and short tours over the
successive months, NYC natives Ava Luna have built a reputation for
noisy, manic basement soul music in the form of stark, earthy
synth-driven beats coupled with tight, prismatic vocal harmonies,
which Christopher Weingarten has described as “beautiful, infectious,
and damn-near indescribable.”

In a church basement in Brooklyn’s deep south, they hone an eclectic
mashup of girl group harmonies, growling synth-funk, shimmering
distortion, soul stylings set to post-punk snobbery, complex
compositions in the guise of quirky pop songs; Al Green singing with
Wire, Depeche Mode backing Jamie Lidell. The band has drawn
comparisons to TV on the Radio, Dirty Projectors, Prince, Arab on
Radar, Phillip Glass, James Chance, Aphex Twin....

Modern Rivals

"In covering about a decade per minute, Modern Rivals show a present-day curiosity towards the endless access to the past." - Pitchfork

"Modern Rivals have an ear for pop but a restless hankering for something more. That comes across handily on the Brooklyn-via-St. Louis band's new album Cemetery Dares, whose songs are equal parts inviting and itchy." - SPIN

"Shortly after, the set’s electric air filtered out into the night, sending shivers throughout the venue. Few Tuesday evenings ever warrant such feelings."
- Consequence of Sound (Live Review)

The Ugly Club

Fearlessly honest and unwaveringly persistent, The Ugly Club has been operating for nearly two years with such a force that it has become impossible to ignore them (and you would be foolish to do so). With the July 2012 release of their debut album, "You Belong To The Minutes", The Ugly Club is vocally ambitious and teeming with intelligent arrangements not unlike the most progressive artists of our time. Reaching psychedelic highs comparable to My Morning Jacket and Radiohead, the delicate inclusion of jazz, indie-rock, and Prince-eqsue neo-funk sends listeners into an unanticipated daydream.

Since the humble beginnings of The Ugly Club in various small towns throughout central New Jersey, the band has had high aspirations and an unfaltering vision of their career path. Two self-released/produced EPs deep, the band has independently toured the east coast playing notable venues and festivals like SXSW in Austin, TX and has received praise from publications like CMJ, PASTE, FILTER, Guitar World & countless others. "If White Arrows were the hardest working 'official' SXSW band, The Ugly Club was the hardest working 'unofficial' band," says Mike Henneberger of Stages & Stereotype.com, regarding the bands' tireless efforts busking, promoting and playing gigs during music week. With the help of both DIY marketing and free-download distribution through Frostwire and other online outlets, the bands' previous release, "Visions of Tall Girl" EP has surpassed 100k downloads worldwide.

"The Ugly Club is the kind of band male teenagers envy and teenage females dream about. And with an effort this strong, it's only a matter of time before lines will be too long, ticket pre-sales will sell out and their faces will be ever-present," stated Greg Robson of Absolutepunk.net in the early days of The Ugly Club. The musical self-realization and drive behind this mammoth sound has only grown since then, setting the tempo for the future of The Ugly Club. Now, it's just a matter of time. Join The Ugly Club & follow all current happenings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube!

Vensaire ("Perdix" Album Release Party)

The seeds of Vensaire were first planted in Osaka, Japan in 2007 when Alex LaLiberte (vocals, sampler, guitar) met Robert Earl Thomas (guitar, vocals) at the Shitenno-ji
Shrine. However, the band did not take shape until the fall of 2011 when longtime friend Hunter Hawes (bass, synth) left Berklee College of Music to work with the duo, now stationed in New York City's Chinatown. They soon stumbled upon Alex Jacobs (drums, vocals) playing an 808 in a city park and it took only one conversation before he was solidified as the group's fourth member.

After working through the winter of 2011 to perfect their songs and performance, Vensaire was unveiled to the world at Brooklyn's Maujer Mansion. The success of this first show propelled the band to begin work on its first record, "Perdix," however a year of setbacks concluded the project was too ambitious for the four to adequately record themselves. Progress completely halted in the spring of 2012 when Vensaire was asked to play SXSW. Thomas was unable to attend the show though and the tour to Austin almost fell through when fate reared her head: While walking meditatively through the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens the band faintly overheard "Flying Partridge," a traditional Chinese ballad, carried beautifully on the violin. Elated, the boys discovered Renata Zeiguer (violin, vocals) playing beneath a Japanese maple tree. Zeiguer was drafted to fill in for Thomas on the trip to Austin, substituting one set of strings for another. The trip proved successful and Zeiguer became Vensaire's fifth and final member, adding depth and emotion to the band's aspiring arrangements.

Now fully realized, Vensaire returned to the recording process, this time on a smaller scale. Each member wrote one song and presented it to the band to interpret. What resulted was 2012's "The Vensaire EP," a concise and memorable introduction to Vensaire's world. On the strength of this EP the band enticed Scott Colburn (Prince Rama, Animal Collective, Arcade Fire) to record and mix the album which had frustrated and eluded them thus far. Laboring dutifully for two weeks in the summer of 2012, Vensaire and Colburn finally brought "Perdix" to vivid life. Anticipated for a summer 2013 release, this cinematic concept record will take listeners not only deeper into the Vensaire universe, but across four continents to the heart of creation itself.

See I'm You from Vensaire on Vimeo.

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