The Electropocalypse

00tz 00tz

00tz 00tz (spelled with zeros & pronounced like the sound of the beat in electronic music, namely industrial music) is an industrial band that was originally created in late 2008. 00tz 00tz was initially an instrumental music project that was headed by it’s then sole member Nicky Phoenix. Later with the addition of vocalist and writer Krysta Veronica Button, 00tz 00tz has evolved to become the musical dynamic driving force behind dance floors worldwide. Incorporating harsh pounding beats, flashy melodic synths, and thought provoking vocals, their sound and live performances are not to be missed.

Cyanide Regime

Four years after the release of the raw debut release "Visions of Order", Cyanide Regime returns. "Global Compromise" is the collaborative effort of Colombian-born frontman Fernando S., Brian Blitzkrieg and KC Killjoy out of Miami, Florida. The trio were driven to create a unique blend of dance-oriented electronic tracks with heavy handed, fist pumping Industrial power. Their music and message have stayed true to the project's concern with geopolitics, religious commentary and contempt for the status quo. Melodic musical interludes paired with shredding vocals and a relentlessly brutal beat has consistently gathered fans to the dance floor.

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