The Dandy Warhols Featuring 13 Tales From Urban Bohemia In Its Entirety

The Dandy Warhols Featuring 13 Tales From Urban Bohemia In Its Entirety

It was sometime in 1993 when Peter Holmström came to his friend Courtney Taylor-Taylor with the idea to form a band. Whereas with most creative pursuits in Portland, Oregon, the initial impetus for the formation of a band was a desire to stay out of the perpetual torrential downpour Portland endures fourteen months a year, Holmström and Taylor-Taylor had different motives. They wanted cool music to listen to at parties, and after looking around, the two figured it was best if they just made it themselves. And thus was born The Dandy Warhols.

With Taylor-Taylor out front on guitar and vocals, and Holmström to his left on guitar, The Dandy Warhols added drummer Eric Hedford, and after an experiment on bass guitar with Taylor-Taylor's girlfriend failed, nineteen-year-old Zia McCabe was installed at keyboard bass, and the original Dandy Warhols line-up was in place.

In 1994 The Dandy Warhols quickly became known for their electric Velvets-on-Stones sound, their Sixties chi-chi style, and their (more often than not) naked live performances, and were quickly signed to legendary Portland indie label Tim/Kerr, releasing their debut album, Dandys Rule OK, in the spring of 1995.

As their notoriety spread, The Dandys became involved in a major label bidding war, the result of which was their signing to legendary Hollywood major label Capitol Records. Their major label debut, …The Dandy Warhols Come Down, was released in 1997 and gave birth to the hits "Boys Better", "Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth", and "Every Day Should Be A Holiday." To promote the album, the Dandys toured the world over, on their own and in support of the likes of Blur, The Charlatans, and Love and Rockets.

In early 1998, drummer Hedford left the band and was replaced by Taylor-Taylor's cousin Brent DeBoer. With the line-up of Taylor-Taylor, Holmström, McCabe and DeBoer, The Dandy Warhols would go on to create what many have called "The Last Classic Rock Album", 2000's Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia. In the year 2000 and through 2001 The Dandys collected frequent flyer miles, gold records, and friends, fans and followers in the wake of their hits "Get Off", "Godless" and the mega-smash "Bohemian Like You." The Dandys followed this up with a radical departure, the sparse and moody Welcome To The Monkey House, featuring the hits "We Used to Be Friends" and "The Last High", in 2003, the self-released The Black Album in 2004, and the warm and roomy Odditorium or Warlords of Mars in 2005.

The band left Capitol Records to found their own label, Beat The World Records, in early 2007. Using their Portland studio-slash-clubhouse "The Odditorium" as their home base, The Dandy Warhols ventured off into uncharted territories worlds with the 2008 offering …Earth To The Dandy Warhols… Not content to fly the flag of Beat The World as a vanity label, The Dandys signed a diverse collection of musical artists to the fledgling label, like The Upsidedown, Logan Lynn, and Spindrift, while still finding time to release projects from The Dandys vaults, like the aforementioned Black Album, and 2009's The Dandy Warhols Are Sound.

The Dandy Warhols have one last hurrah with Capitol Records in 2010, with the release of a best-of compilation, The Capitol Years 1995-2007, featuring fourteen of The Dandy's best-loved songs with the historic label, with one new addition, the Deboer/McCabe penned "This Is The Tide". The band will tour on the heels of this release, visiting Europe summer 2010, with North America and Australia to follow. The Dandy Warhols are also recording what will be their tenth album, in what they hope just one more record of cool music to listen to at parties.

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