Mr. Steak

Mr. Steak

They're back. Well they never really went away. They were just touring Japan for the last 20 years where they are still headlining stadiums...


Quandrum is a hard rock band founded by Phil Bair in March of 2010. The band will display a variety of musical styles, including alternative rock, symphonic metal, standard hard rock, and some other random styles that will make you wonder where they came from, some of which can't really be categorized. Weird. The musicians in Quandrum are an extremely diverse group, with some epic abilities in both arrangment and execution. (If you're looking for someone using an acoustic guitar, you'll probably be disappointed.) The band will cover lots of intense music from lots of gnarly bands, but phase two of the project will be collaborating on original music. Pictures and verbal interactions with fans and friends are available on Facebook. You're gonna want to come out and hear the band. Really.

Hey Lady! (B-52's)

“Hey, Lady!” was founded in 2009 by sister/brother duo Deb Britton and Steven Blasinsky with the mission to spread the love, the fun and the wacky party spirit of the B-52s across Colorado and beyond!

This is not your average background-music cover band. “Hey, Lady!” is an EVENT BAND; captivating and entertaining audiences of all ages with their passion and energy. Their concert-style shows provide special effects, outrageous wigs and costumes, spunk and contagious B-52’s dance grooves that will take your special event to the ultimate level of celebration.

From out-door festivals and fundraisers to club dates and corporate events, “Hey, Lady!” has been raising audience eyebrows and heart-rates. They have even caught the attention of the B-52s own Fred Schneider!

$4.00 - $8.00


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