This is the incredible result of different artistic formations of the four Italian musicians, which have their roots not only in Piedmont, but also in Apulia, Abruzzo, Liguria, even beyond Italian borders as in France and Eastern Europe.

There is a thread stretching from Dubrovnik to Vukovar, which passes through Belgrade and descends to lick Tirana and Athens. A thread that runs under the sea and touches Brindisi and Sevilla, which crosses the ocean up to caress the coasts of Argentina and Chile A thread moves from the strings of guitars and violins, bouncing off the skins of the drums and that bends in the keys of the accordion.

Gaia Mobilij is center stage with his accordion, the old “lira Calabrese” and her warm and evocative voice, the violin of Marco Ghezzo exudes elegant notes that make the audience dream and dance, Luca Russo with his classical guitar accompanies every different style, launching riffs worthy of the best jazz soloist, finally the tambourine of eclectic Giuseppe Leone emanates the vibrant pulse of the group, with continuous reminder of the taranta of Salento. The real strength of the group are the autographs pieces, all songs from their album “Exper” are written by them individually and arranged together, in a collection which brings together all genres and styles referring to Taluna: ethnic music (Rom, Balkan ), popular music (Occitan), the “pizzica” of Salento, Latin and Jazz."(R.Natalini)


Halifax-based Gypsophilia is a group of seven young performers whose music straddles the jazz and indie worlds. The band started in 2004 as a Django Reinhardt-inspired project, but soon found itself mixing gypsy jazz with klezmer, funk, classical music, indie rock, and bebop, writing its own tunes and playing to sold out crowds.

The band's latest record, the ECMA-award winning Sa-ba-da-OW! (June 2009), offers up a wide variety of sounds, self-produced and recorded in Halifax's Echo Chamber studio, and engineered by Charles Austin (Joel Plaskett, Buck 65, Al Tuck, Matt Mays, Super Friendz, Garrett Mason). The band's typical lineup of three guitars, violin, double bass, trumpet and piano is bolstered on the album with synthesizer, backbeat handclaps, impromptu gang vocals, percussion, and slide whistle. And next to some classic swing grooves, be prepared to find klezmer, funk, reggae, tango and game show music.

Sa-ba-da-OW! has sold well across the country during the band's national festival tours in 2009 and 2010, and has charted well, finishing in the number 1 slot overall for 2009 on !chartattack's national campus radio jazz charts.

In between touring dates Gypsophilia has been busy working on new material for a third album to be recorded in December 2010, and recently recorded the soundtrack to Chaz Thorne's feature film Whirligig. The band also released a music video in April, and has just completed a second music video which debuted at the Atlantic Film Festival in September.

The seven-piece Gypsophilia features Alec Frith, Nick Wilkinson and Ross Burns on guitars; Sageev Oore on piano and keyboards; Matt Myer on trumpet; Adam Fine on double bass and Gina Burgess on violin. Frith, Myer and Burns all play with the roots- Reggae band Verbal Warnin'; Myer is an ECMA and Juno winner with the Johnny Favorite Swing Orchestra; Fine plays regularly with Bend the River and improvising guitarist Jeff Torbert. Oore has been a featured soloist with Symphony Nova Scotia and a member of the Woodchoppers Association, while Burgess has also played with Symphony Nova Scotia and with the Maria Osende Flamenco Company.

The Lemon Bucket Orkestra

the Lemon Bucket Orkestra started in Toronto by a Breton and a Uke over Balkan music and Vietnamese food. Tired of music "scenes" they hit the streets, busking by day and crashing parties by night, creating and living folk music music in the city with their folk-everything attitude and tendency to pop up everywhere, it wasn't long before they hooked up with other lemons who wanted in the bucket...

CNN, Fox News, CBC New and the New York Times all features LBO's spontaneous in-flight performance (over 260,000 youtube hits) on their broadcasts and websites. Late night show host Jimmy Kimmel has even polked fun at our guerilla folk antics, and Canadian Media mogul Moses Znaimer invited us to live in his coach house, tweeting us as "the best party band ever".


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