Comeback Kid

Comeback Kid

In 2002, what started as a side project from Andrew Neufeld and Jeremy Hiebert’s band Figure Four, became what Amp magazine called a “a wildly successful scene institution.” Two critically acclaimed albums later and after tirelessly touring in the UK, Europe, Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Iceland with bands such as Rise Against, Sick Of It All, Madball, Bad Religion, Dropkick Murphys, Gorilla Biscuits, Terror, and Bane, Comeback Kid have become one of the biggest names in hardcore today.

In 2003 Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Comeback Kid put together a self-released six-song demo and signed to California hardcore label Face Down Records, who released Comeback Kid's debut album, Turn It Around, that spring. For their 2005 album Wake the Dead, they signed to Victory Records internationally, and to Smallman Records in Canada. Wake the Dead has now sold over 100,000 copies and was voted Alternative Press's 100 bands to know in 2005, Chart Magazine’s top 100 albums of 2005, favorite CD in Uptown Magazine, and nominated for Best Hardcore Group at the Indie Awards at Canadian Music Week, and also for the CBC Galaxie Rising Star Award.

In 2006, lead singer Scott Wade left the band to pursue other interests and guitarist Andrew Neufeld took over lead vocals. The current tour line-up features Andrew Neufeld (vocals), Jeremy Hiebert (guitar), Kyle Profeta (drums), Kevin Call (bass), and Casey Hjelmberg (guitar).

On February 20, 2007, Comeback Kid released Broadcasting…(Victory / Smallman), their most diverse album yet. Recorded again with Bill Stevenson (All, Descendents) at The Blasting Room, the album encompasses both heavier and more melodic elements. As lead singer Andrew Neufeld explains, “We wanted to up the ante with this one. I think it’s great to explore new things and push the envelope a bit.”

Broadcasting…is a superbly crafted, hard-hitting tour de force. Described by Neufeld, “This is the darkest record we have ever written. We were going for a more epic, full sounding album. It has the classic CBK elements but everything is turned up a notch.”

Wisdom In Chains

Wisdom In Chains was started a few years back with members from America and Europe. Maarten, a guitar player from Holland in a band called Daredevil made the call to Richie and Mad Joe who where in Krutch at the time. Maarten had the idea to start an old school band, with heavy punk and OI influences. The three met while Krutch was on tour in Europe. The plans where made and Maarten came to the USA to record. The group released a self entitled CD on Gangstyle Records. Only one show was ever performed by the group due to the extreme distance between the members. Eventually Maarten who was a key writer in the band would convince Richie and Joe to find local members and keep this band going. So they recruited local guitar star and just crazy motherfucker in general Tony Meltdown. Tony was in a band called The Ninth Plague and basically shreds on the guitar. Shannon Sparky was brought in on drums, he was a logical choice. Shannon also played with Richie and Mad Joe in another band called Out To Win (aka MUSHMOUTH). The search was on for the bass player, and the only guy that could jam with these cats was Big Show Greg, a local trouble maker and drunk. The new line-up was complete and now the band is hitting the highways and playing killer street rock with heavy old school HC and OI influence. After two well received releases with this line-up Meltdown would eventually leave the band, filling his shoes is none other then Evan Feeble. Evan a long time friend and also guitar player from Feeble (Mad Joe's first band) joins the group just in time for their long awaited I Scream Records release The question on the streets is "Can they top their previous efforts?" the answer "HELL YEA" their new album "Everything You Know..." will be full of surprises. Lou from Sick of it All, joins them on a track, this release is so diverse and interesting some consider it the "rebirth of the album" time and thought where put into this release, from the diverse music, to the clever lyrics and themes, right down to the artwork, "Everything You Know..." is sure to be a classic.

Reign Supreme

Reign Supreme are one of the heaviest/hardest metallic hardcore bands to surface from Philadelphia in over a decade. They wield the same devastating musical hammer as bands like Crowbar, and Integrity. Yet come out swinging with a conviction and rage unlike anyone before them. The result is a new breed of anthemic metallic hardcore; immaculately executed, intensely heavy, and refreshingly unpredictable.

Bitter End

Bitter End are an intense hardcore band from San Antonio, Texas, influenced by the metallic New York Hardcore bands of the late 80's and early 90's. With their exhaustive touring and their debut 7"EP "Mind In Chains", they established themselves as a brute force in the hardcore community. Refining their mid-tempo power displayed in their previous release, Bitter End took it to the next level with their debut album, "Climate of Fear". Tight production accentuated song after song, creating a controlled chaos few bands could ever achieve. They soon after followed this album with a three song "Self Titled" 7"EP. A release that displayed a band evolving and refining their technical ability and song writing power.

2010 brought us "Guilty As Charged", the pummeling album from Bitter End. With all the makings of a contemporary hardcore classic, "Guilty As Charged" bruised and battered with dynamic riffing, potent vocals/lyrics, and bone shaking breakdowns. Songs like "Unjust" and the title track "Guilty As Charged" showcased this hybrid brand of hard hitting thrash and hardcore. A tried and tested formula that Bitter End not only embraced, but continue to improve upon in their own vicious way.

Bitter End remain active, touring the world when time permits.

Suburban Scum

"New Jersey has been bringing quality hardcore for years. From bands like Fury Of Five to Floorpunch, Jersey has produced all kinds of hardcore. Personally, I've always been a fan of the harder bands from the Garden State, like Fury Of Five, NJ Bloodline, One 4 One, Shattered Realm and E Town Concrete. At times things get over the top, but the intensity and toughness of the areas bands has been hard to match. Suburban Scum take the intensity Jersey has become known for and back it up with some well written hardcore songs on "Internal War".

Right off the bat the Trapped Under Ice comparison comes to mind in the tone and song structure of Suburban Scum. Fortunately, these are all welcomed similarities as I am also a fan of TUI.
"Count My Blessings" starts the EP off with a burst of NYHC inspired riffing and tempo. Ryan's vocals furiously match the power of the music and his vocal patterns impress. A couple minutes into this EP and you know moshing will be a must when seeing Suburban Scum live. "Self Loathing" comes in at track three and starts with some ballsy bass and is my early favorite track on "Internal War". The lower guest vocals on this track are also a nice contrast to Ryan's mid range scream and give the track a good Biohazard feel.

"Internal War" and "Hollow Bones" fly by quickly but don't go unnoticed. They are just surrounded by two very strong tracks in "Self Loathing" and "Blind To Life" that they sound feel like a lull in the EP. Rounding out the EP is the cleverly titled "Suburban Discipline". I'm a sucker for anything Biohazard related and once bought a T-shirt from the band Seventh Star just because it was a Biohazard rip-off that said Suburban Discipline on the back. Needless to say, I think this song kills it. Ryan's vocals get a hell of a lot quicker on this track to the point of almost rapping, but still managing to not get ridiculous or sound like E Town. He's just very quick with his words which fits perfectly over the faster parts of the song.

I was excited to hear this band on record after seeing them live a couple of weeks ago and "Internal War" does not disappoint. The production sounds just right for a hardcore record and even the artwork is cool. I am very much looking forward to seeing these guys live again and hopefully picking up a physical copy of this CD. Don't sleep on these guys."

We are in the process of writing an LP. Split with Incendiary coming out soon on Mayfly Records.

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