The Stepkids

The Stepkids

The Stepkids are futuristic electro soul recorded on a reel-to-reel; soaring harmonies sung by three singer/songwriters; Kandinsky-esque visuals that make for enigmatic live performances.

“A lot of what excites us about this band is this band itself,” says bassist and keyboardist Dan Edinberg. “It’s not either of us; it’s about creating an entity where the entity itself is what’s important.”

It’s an approach that comes from more than a decade of musical experimentation. Raised on the East Coast jazz and R&B circuit, individual band members went on to share stages with 50 Cent and Lauryn Hill, tour internationally with indie punk band Zox, score movies and commercials, and produce solo albums. However, it was an interest in creating an aesthetic identity which supersedes conventional pop notions of stardom and self-importance that ultimately drew them together.

The Stepkids groove is a startling, yet sexy, fusion of punk, jazz, West African
traditional, 1960s folk, neo and classic soul, classic funk and 20th century classical; think T.Rex meets Sun Ra, Sly Stone meets Stravinsky, and Dylan meets Dilla. Philosophy and literature provide a conceptual schematic, from existential musings (“Legend in My Own Mind”), to the work of Charles Bukowski (“La La”) and Plato’s theoretical “Allegory of the Cave” ("Shadows on Behalf”). Add to this a vested interest in the recording process, and you have an imaginative album of Technicolor brilliance expertly self-engineered and self-produced. Live, kaleidoscopic projections by experimental video artist Jesse Mann consume the stage with light for a multi-sensory experience.

And every song on the Stepkids self-titled debut album is written with equal input from each member.

“All three of us write and all three of us sing,” says Jeff Gitelman, who resigned from touring as Alicia Keys' guitarist to concentrate full-time on recording the Stepkids self-titled debut album.

“There's an equal split in the creative process, and we’re really happy about that,” says drummer Tim Walsh. “Any lyric, any melody, any idea could have been done by any of us.”

There’s no singular icon, no singular sound, and no singular way of making it happen for the Stepkids. It’s psychedelia for the 21st century, where the focus is on the whole – and that includes you.

King Holiday is a psychedelic soul band based out of the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Socially charged and rhythmically driven, King Holiday's cosmic 10 piece arrangements create sonic layers of raw, unfiltered and thought evoking sounds and melodies. King Holiday's music is a luscious soundtrack to the human experience while remaining nostalgic in the fast moving modern world.

Every Flavor Weather Machine

Every Flavor Weather Machine is turbo piano rock jetpack, born in Boston, raised in New York, and smelted in sweaty dance parties across the north east.

2013 is the beginning of the #MassivelyEpic movement with Kelly the Bruce and Ravin Dave.

We are a dynamic duo that drop bombs and rock the dance floor. We sometimes bring ourselves, we sometimes bring friends, we always bring a good time. Our combination of house, electro-house, dub or call it whatever, will cause you to dance your face off!!

Join the movement of fun - #massivelyepic!

Female DJ living and spinning in NYC. A hip-hop hipster est. in the private event scene, and an up-and-coming club rat.
A Brooklyn resident hailing from Washington DC, AK47 (Allison Kinney) takes pride in being knowledgeable about many genres, particularly Hip Hop, Nu Disco, House, Indie Dance, and Electro. During her years as a DJ, she has had high-energy performances at clubs in Virginia, DC, and now New York City, where she has held residencies at Open House, Brooklyn Stable, Union Square Lounge, and the Flatiron Hotel. She has been featured at Goldbar, Soho House, Hotel Chantelle, WIP, the Mandarin Oriental, the New York Palace, the Plaza Hotel, Tribeca Grand for one of 2012’s official Governor’s Ball after-parties, and many more venues. Allison has had the fortune to perform at several Today Show and NBC events, including at the X Factor premiere party in 2012. In addition to being a featured act, Allison has also had the opportunity to open for several celebrity DJ’s in New York City, including The Knocks and Roctakon. Her knowledge of the club scene has translated to corporate events, and she has entertained for brands such as Absolut, Moretti, and more. As music and fashion often go hand in hand, she models for Busted Tees and was recently interviewed in AMMO magazine. AK47 knows how to get people on the dance floor, and recognizes DJing as an art form that can transform any event into a memorable experience.

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