Stuart Davis

Stuart Davis

Stuart Davis hasn't quit his day job.  He's still a full-time performing songwriter. 

Davis, a practicing Zen Buddhist, is just a bit more hyphenated these days; he's become a Musician-Director-Comedian-Author.  With 15 albums to his credit and guest appearances on NPR and syndicated radio's "Coast to Coast Live," music is still his main squeeze, and his irreverent TV show, Sex God, Rock 'n Roll brought Stuart's down to earth wit and irreverent humor – a mainstay of his live shows – to a larger audience. His latest release, Music For Mortals, out now on SDM, is proof; the melodies are catchy and instantly memorable, intelligent songwriting in the vein of Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, XTC, and - being a Minnesota native - Bob Dylan. USA Today just selected "Not Another Lifetime" for their Playlist, saying, "the versatile, sonically inventive singer/songwriter is at his most wickedly playful on this track from Music for Mortals."

After the success of the album's first single, "Beautiful Place," Davis has just released the follow-up, "They're Already Here," to radio and will be premiering the video for the track soon.

Recorded at Henson Studios in Hollywood, Music for Mortals explores themes of spiritual awakening, death, and the mess of being Human. Davis wrote most of the songs over the last year of his father's life, the music served to guide him through that dark time.   

"It was brutal gift, letting go of my dad," Davis says.  "It pulled me closer to everything -- darkness, impermanence -- but also profound love.  His death moved through us like a mysterious storm.  I kept sifting through the debris, and finding songs." 

But it's no album of dirges. Engineered and produced by Alex Gibson, songs like "Spit It Out" bristle with punk provocation, while others such as "Beautiful Place" and "Love" are lifted by Davis' unique take on tough subjects, one that USA Today says "...shimmers with pop savvy."


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