Kaylee Rose

Kaylee has loved music her entire life. Early on she was an avid dancer and cheerleader, then at age 11 her Dad bought her a guitar. She immediately fell in love with playing and after a few lessons, began teaching herself to play her favorite songs by ear. By age 13, she was writing her own music. At 14, she ventured out for her first open mic and found out that this was something she enjoyed and within a few months was booked on her first paying gig. Now she is a regular at venues and festivals around Florida and recently began playing in Nashville.

She has over 120 covers in all genres including Pop, Rock, Country, R&B and even Rap. Recently she finished recording 5 original songs and has a music video for her song "Never Trust a Skank." Her dream is continue making music and hopefully find a successful career in it.

Nilsa writes songs, and then sings with her soul.

Bedford Davis is the product of two music school dropouts. The project began in 2002 as a duo comprised of Ethan Armstrong (bass and vocals) and Cheryl Lynn (keyboards and vocals). The pair met while attending New England Conservatory in Boston. Despite each having severe personality disorders, they had an idea of assembling a band to perform the songs in 2010. Two individuals with no criminal history were recruited to round out the four-piece group: Dan Garrity a veteran of the Boston punk scene (formerly the drummer in Moki), and Marc Lacatell (formerly the guitarist in Maverick and Whack Ass Egyptians).

Bedford Davis’s melodic songs employ abstract lyrics with alternating themes of humor and despair (sometimes simultaneously). Some despise the tunes, while others are irrationally fond of them. The chord changes are often unpredictable. It’s Not That Kind of Party – the band’s first release – has a reverb-laden production style reminiscent of early Beach Boys. There are also elements of The Shins, Weezer, and Beck.

The group recently played at the 10th Annual International Pop Overthrow at Precinct in Somerville, MA; and Boston and New York City.



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