Distoria EP Release Party

Distoria first formed in 2010 to play at the Connecticut-based music festival B.O.M.B. Fest. Helena Martin had been writing and performing as a solo singer-songwriter in NYC for five years before adding the experienced percussionist Tim Lykins on drums in the summer of 2010. The two decided the band needed a binding element and asked bassist and audio engineer Mor Mezrich to join them in early 2011.

Since then, Distoria has been experimenting with electronics and has consistently raised the level of their live performance at every subsequent show. They were honored to perform again at B.O.M.B. Fest in 2011 -- which was headlined by Snoop Dogg and Weezer -- where they shared the stage with acts like Shpongle and the Feliz Brothers.

In 2012, the band launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise the remainder of the funds they would need to complete their debut EP entitled The Periphery. The EP was tracked at Flux Studios and The Buddy Project, and it was mixed at Ears & Gears Recording in Astoria. It will be self-released in early 2013.

The room is quiet.

People are still filing in, shuffling about, getting to their seats. Everyone's watching the stage, waiting to see what comes out of the young guys before them.

Suddenly a soulful, piercing voice strikes through the air. Everyone's stunned. No one expected such a powerhouse of a vocalist from the kind-eyed pianist sitting front and center.

But before anyone has time to reflect, the drums, guitars and horns kick in - and the crowd is movin' and groovin' in their seats. People jump up and start dancing. A few moments ago there was silence. Now there's just fun and music.

That's the Pete Ayres Band. Pop, blues and soul merge to create a sound that's both fresh and timeless. Meaningful lyrics shed insight into love, life and everything in between.

Devyn Rush

American Idol's Devyn Rush

"Your voice is a star." - Jennifer Lopez
"That was delicious." - Steven Tyler
"So unsuspecting. You have just the right amount of sauce in there." - Randy Jackson



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