If you trace rock-and-roll back to it’s roots you’re going to reach a few common denominators. You’re bound to catch a hint of the blues, maybe some country and even a little R&B. It’s no wonder so many bands tend to sound the same these days - with only so many chords and rhythms to choose from it’s become standard to hear what seems like the same song on repeat.

Sacramento, California rock outfit Relic 45 looks to change that defeated way of thinking. The band, comprised of Jeremy Briggs (vocals/guitar), Stephen Larsen (lead guitar), Andrew Barnhart (bass) and Zack Kampf (drums), takes all of those same building blocks that make up their genre and runs with their own interpretation.

There are a few things you can expect to hear when listening to Relic 45: a driving groove, emotional deliveries from all parts of the stage, and the sound of your own feet tapping along until your shins are sore. But that’s what you get when you toss influences like The Black Crowes, The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin and Sam Cooke into a Motown crock-pot and set it to simmer.

“We want the music to be authentic, to be coming from a place where we wrote every song because that's what we were feeling at the time,” Larsen says. “We want to make music that defies trends; that excites people and inspires people the way we were inspired by the bands that influenced us.”

The band has done just that, and it’s starting to show. They recorded a live album during their headlining spot in Sacramento’s Concert in The Park, in which they played to an audience of 5000 people, as well as a five song EP they released in February. Two of the tracks have even played on 98 Rock radio, and have been positively accepted by listeners.

2013 will mark the beginning of a regional expansion for Relic 45 as they venture out into new places including Oregon, Washington, Nevada and southern California. “We want to build a strong regional following, but understand it is a slow process,” says Briggs.

While sharing the stage with names like Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights and J Roddy Walston & the Business has sped up the process of getting their name out there, Relic 45 is poised to become quite a force in rock-and-roll in the upcoming

Mark Sexton Band

Since 2006, The Mark Sexton Band has led the way in further innovating the sound of Soul & Reggae. The depth and body of the groups work stems from their deep understanding of music and the message that it bears. The Mark Sexton Band flexes a significant message in their music: pure emotion and love. This group takes pride in the production of their sound leaving no room for artificial feeling or contrived songwriting. After hearing "Listen Out", it's clear The Mark Sexton Band doesn't think twice when it comes to writing from the heart. Ignoring short-lived musical trends, the sounds from this group move on to see something more meaningful. Three full tours across the entire West Coast spoke volumes about the bands musicianship and dedication to spreading their music and message. The success from their travels let the music speak for itself to all who witnessed their performances. Seeing albums find new homes at every show has pushed this dynamic group to new heights. With the bands potential hardly even tapped, this is truly a group you do not want to lose sight of.

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