ARM, Freedom Fighters, Grotto

Liner notes from the Arm "Universal Standard Time" CD, as written by Hiro Tanaka...

In Fall 1992 in Minneapolis, Minnesnowta, Arm formed by Mark Sorvari (guitar, vocal), Bob Drake (drums), and Nathan Grumdahl AKA the Viking (bass, vocal).

First contact was in First Avenue, when Mark was on solo mission to see a show. He had nothing to do besides watch a band. He locked on target on Bob to play pool and they talked about rocking out together some time. A few days later Bob told Nathan about meeting Mark and they needed a baaad asss bass player to start a band. Once these homies made killer noise, this super electric relation started.

They recorded 2 songs at Am Rep recording studio in 1993 and released first 7" "Suddenly Sorry" in 1994 on the Generic Label. In 1995 they released the 3 song 7" "Simple Victim" on Lori Barbero's (Babes In Toyland) label Spanish Fly Records. Recorded self-released first full length "Arm" in Spring 1996 with Chris Rosenau (night owl - but fucking shit dude) from Pele at Madison, Wisconsin. It was released on vinyl only, 1000 copies were pressed. After that, they played sooo many shows and toured like maniac (include crispy sox). They went back into the studio in 1997. Recorded 5 songs at Am Rep recording studio with Dave Gardner AKA Sammy Geee (played kick ass bass in Selby Tigers with Nathan), but it never was released. They had their last show one month later at Turf Club in St.Paul in October.

I met them in 1994 at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis when I was visiting Minnesnowta from Japan. My first contact was numero uno experience, more honor than I deserve, that they are my first band to see in USA across the ocean. My ghetto ass Kleenex ear plug doesn't cut the right frequency. I was like hooleee shite! This shit is loud... it brought me to stairway-to-Mars situation. I decided to try to talk to them right after they played. I desperately needed to get their records though my communication skill is not enough to negotiate and purchase someshite. But, I scored Suddenly Sorry 7" and close encounter. They hooked me up like a tow truck. And the boss Lori's TCB made great social opportunity at show, muchas scratch your ass, Barbero san.

They brought me on a weekend tour with Guzzard to Iowa. When we were sippin' on gin and juice laid back in the van. Mark and Bob started fighting while Mark was driving. They throw things and yelling each other, my low-tech brain can only pick up what they are saying was "fuck you" and "fuck off". The Viking was like "F that shit I'm gonna chill" he was reading gigantic book during the mini chaos. And they made pee bomb and throw it to freeway, while they are driving... USA USA free country.....

At show they were fighting again. Only played a few songs, most of the time Mark was making some loud ass noise and Bob threw the drum set and jumped on the cymbal then gave it to somebody. Nathan was the only one who tried to play. That was the jam. This shite is super genius.

I discovered soooooo many shite through broing down with Arm dudes. Killer amigos, Burritos. BBQ USA style, jack shack, afro, baad assss touring and more electric shite I have never expected. We couldn't really talk cause I coudnt speak English when I met them but that wasn't really the matter maybe..... even better that way some time. It's like eating lips and assholes (hot dog) with mustard but with out ketchup in midwest. Beautiful memories twinkle twinkle in my eye balls. Emotional content not anger, this shite keep the rhythm.

Currently, Bob is playing drums in End Transmission. Nathan played Guitar in Selby Tigers and Sean Na Na (Tillmann), now he plays in Monarques. Mark played in Revival Fires and now he got marred with Nao Koyama (bass player from Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her) and moved to Tokyo.



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