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Fanno Creek

"Quinn Mulligan and Evan Hailstone's vocal harmonies reflect their life long friendship and years of musical collaboration, while Dane Brist supplies the perfect rhythmic equation to produce tune after tune that you can't help but dance to. Fanno Creek is of the rare breed of bands that can play a set that fools you into thinking every song they play is your favorite song -- until you hear the next one. Their music translates the struggles of young adulthood into folk rock gold, reminding you that you're not the only one with a shitty job, or lost in unrequited love, or searching for meaning in the modern dystopia; rather you're surrounded by friends who fundamentally get it, and can channel the angst into a musical style at once reminiscent of Fleet Foxes, the Avett Brothers, and Paul Simon."
-Cassandra Mill / Rose City Live /

Pegasus Dream


DoublePlusGood is the moniker of vocal/drummer duo Erik Carlson and Andy Nelson. Performing in and around Oregon since 2006, the band has been sending positive dance vibes through the state, and causing more than a few spontaneous dance parties!




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