Lauren Davidson

Lauren Davidson is a seasoned performer & vocalist
who brings a fresh approach to classic rock,
pop music and her own original songs with a unique voice and stylized acoustic arrangements. Performing since
the age of 10, Lauren is pleased to continue her artistic
journey along with her collaborator and guitarist Richard McNulty.

Born and raised in Staten Island, New York. Decypher was formed by long time childhood friends Mike D'Ambra, Tim Anastasio and Leo Sabatino. Decypher's drummer, Rob, joined the band recently but has known these guys his entire life.

The Anatomy of Frank

The Anatomy of Frank likes touring in strange places and sleeping on your floors.

The Anatomy of Frank does not claim to know/care enough about politics to argue effectively. But it reserves the right to complain about it when it is artistically relevant.

The Anatomy of Frank believes music is good for many things. Among these are dancing recklessly, sitting motionlessly, percolating, sobbing privately, weeping publicly, destroying things, getting into relationships, getting out of relationships, nurturing a good mood, enunciating a bad mood, entertaining a fantasy that you are more badass than your social situation allows you to be, accepting that you are average in many ways, believing that you are extraordinary in others, laughing, screaming, and jumping.

Mind Over Time is an American Indie rock band from New York City. Formed in 2009 and fully assembled in 2013, The band is made up of Wes Estrella (Bass, Synths, Back Up Vocals), Ben Moureau (Lead Guitar), Rich Johnson (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards), Heather Costas (Keyboards), and Hyukjun Yoon (Drums). The bands sound can be defined by soaring guitar delays, haunting ambient synths, groovy melodic bass lines, a tight snare heavy drum mix and passionate lead vocals.

Mind Over Time released Their Debut Album “A New Kind of Romance” independently on November of 2013 and a follow up EP on December 16th, 2014. The band has played venues such as Mercury Lounge, Pianos, Revolution Music Hall, and the CBGB’s Festival.

Massively Epic

2013 is the beginning of the #MassivelyEpic movement with Kelly the Bruce and Ravin Dave.

We are a dynamic duo that drop bombs and rock the dance floor. We sometimes bring ourselves, we sometimes bring friends, we always bring a good time. Our combination of house, electro-house, dub or call it whatever, will cause you to dance your face off!!

Join the movement of fun - #massivelyepic!



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