Herman Dune / Little Wings (co-headline)

Herman Dune

Herman Düne, also known, since 2005, as Herman Dune (without the ü), is a Rock & Roll Duo.

The line-up for Herman Dune is now (as in 2011) 1/David-Ivar Herman Dune: Voice, Song-Writing and Guitars. David-Ivar is most of the time called Yaya Herman Dune or just Yaya. 2/Néman Herman Dune: Drums and some backing vocals. Néman is now known as Cosmic Néman

Herman Dune started their career internationally, thanks to UK DJ John Peel who played them a lot and invted them to something like 10 Peel Sessions.

Until 2006 they gained a cult status by touring across the world intensively and releasing a lot of music through independent, punk, DIY or Underground Record labels.

In 2006, the release of GIANT (Source etc./Virgin) coincides with the band becoming a duo, with André taking leave. Giant propels Herman Dune to a wider recognition. They soon record and release NEXT YEAR IN ZION.

In 2010, Herman Dune cut loose of all previous bonds to start their own Record Company STRANGE MOOSIC. They go record new material in Portland,Oregon with Adam Selzer and release their new songs in an album called STRANGE MOOSIC (Strange Moosic/G.U.M/City Slang/Fortuna Pop)

STRANGE MOOSIC is a new start for Herman Dune, and "Tell Me Something I Don't Know", the first single, announces change with a video featuring a Young runaway Yeti and actor John Hamm from Mad Men. Herman Dune will intensively tour through 2011 and 2012, with the most simple line-up, often just core duo Yaya and Cosmic Néman, but also with Bass Player Ben Pleng.

Little Wings

Little Wings is a musical project started in 1998 by Kyle Field (born in San Luis Obispo, California), who has been joined by assorted musicians, many from K Records, who have released six Little Wings albums. Kyle has played with The Microphones, and also makes art. He has lived in many places and is currently found next to Ocean Beach in San Francisco, CA.

Prior to being a solo act, Kyle was bassist and singer in the band Rodriguez with M.Ward.

Kyle Field's first outing for Woods frontman Jeremy Earl's Woodsist label, Explains retains all of the idiosyncrasies of previous Little Wings outings (shambolic, Skip Spence-inspired folk-rock, funny/profound/sad/nonsensical stream of consciousness lyrics, and a vocal style that's as compelling as it is totally off-putting), but it also stands as the Alabama-bred, California-based pop outlier's most polished offering to date.

Field is still the shifty guy at the bus stop who talks out loud and writes cryptic notes to himself in the margins of an old dog-eared library book, but listeners who are already acclimated to his peculiar brand of pitch-be-damned North-Cali slacker poetry will know that it's best just to go along for the ride and leave the dowsing rod at home, because any attempt to parse his particular vernacular will just yield further bemusement — imagine an amalgam of Wesley Willis, Bonnie "Prince" Billy and a really high M. Ward.

Sonically, Explains is breezy, effortless, and warm as a Pacific Ocean sunset, and its laid-back vibe helps tame some of Field's more manic, pop culture-laden diatribes like "Light Brang" and "Where." That chill vibe is bolstered by intermittent strokes of pedal steel, dulcimer, banjo, brushed drums, and parlor piano, all of which pair nicely with Field's laconic delivery and often moving observations about everything from wanderlust and heartache to Dunkin' Donuts and HBO's Entourage.

Joseph Childress

“Joseph Childress fleshes out his music and meaning in his songs with his vocals better than any myriad of instruments or backing musicians ever could. The type of voice that rattles your bones when you’re sitting two rows back, where you can’t wipe that smile off your face as you think how long you’ve waited to hear an artist that truly inspires you to pay attention to nothing else but their performance.”
— Naturalismo

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