In Bed with Ulysses

In Bed with Ulysses

dir. Alan Adelson, Kate Taverna, US, 2012, digital, 80min.

In Bed with Ulysses is a riveting new documentary about James Joyce and the writing, publishing and censoring of his masterpiece Ulysses. Ulysses is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest and certainly the most controversial novel of the modern era, but few have ever read it. In Bed with Ulysses is not just for the dedicated Joyce fans, but for anyone interested in the fascinating story of an obsessed artist willing to sacrifice family, friends and admirers for the sake of his writing. Traditionally, public readings are done across the world on June 16, known as Bloomsday, the day in which the book takes place, (Philadelphia included; see The Rosenbach Museum and Library webpage at The film weaves wonderful archival footage, interviews and parts of staged readings of Ulysses into a wonderful documentary that covers the amazing life and work of Joyce including the famous attempts to ban the book, which led the most important censorship case in American legal history. The featured readings include acclaimed actress Kathleen Chalfant (Wit, Angels in America) as Molly Bloom, whose soliloquy is regarded as one the highlights of 20th century literature.

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