Math the Band, The Emotron, Andy The Doorbum, The Modrats

Math the Band

Math the Band is a electro-punk spazz duo from Providence, RI. They use a combination of old video game systems, analog synthesizers and energy drinks to make the fastest, loudest, most party-est music they can imagine. They've only cracked their head open on stage ONCE.

The Emotron is a one-man musical group influenced by Atom and his Package and GG Allin. He performs original material in a karaoke-esque style, using a Yamaha QY700 sequencer among other instruments.

When was the last time you found something really, truly offensive? If your answer included the words "Lady Gaga," fuck off and go read some nice CCM blog. Girl-on-girl kissing and re-enacting Tarantino movies with Beyonce is so inoffensive in this day and age, they got a friggin' sandwich spread to sponsor the video. Okay, how about that M.I.A. video? Meh. Too obvious to be offensive. Plus that super-gorey ending was actually kinda cool in a Gears of War kinda way.
My point is, it takes a lot to offend us these days. As a culture, we've been pretty thoroughly desensitized. Which is why when someone recently turned us on to this guy who calls himself The Emotron, we were blown away. I mean, this guy works overtime to be in-your-face, hide-the-children offensive. It's like if GG Allin and that yams-up-the-ass lady who got an NEA grant had a love child, then raised it on Atom and His Package, Jackass reruns and Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Musically, The Emotron (real name: Jason Kyle Knight) is basically just a one-man punk band whose weapon of choice is a cheesy '80s synthesizer. But the music is kinda secondary to the whole Emotron experience, although several of his songs, especially "Michael Jackson's Dead", are undeniably awesome. No, where The Big E really brings it is at his live shows, which typically feature some or all of the following: tying rubber bands around his head to mash his face into various gruesome configurations; nudity; vomiting (real and/or simulated); lighting his dick on fire; and stuffing objects into a flesh-colored leotard to make himself look like a disfigured circus freak. He also usually cusses a lot, covers himself and the audience is various mysterious powders and fluids, and sometimes does all this shit dressed up like a Texas trucker. Oh, and he drinks a lot. Okay, we'll say it: we have a huge man-crush on this guy.
Emotron's live show has definitely been a work in progress, and a lot of the older clips on YouTube don't really do him justice. You'll see what we mean. - WEIRDESTBANDINTHEWORLD.COM

Andy The Doorbum

Andy the Doorbum's been writing and playing music since he was 14, and would you believe it? He's still doin it! He's released 5 splits, 3 EPs, and just released his 4th full length as a Double Vinyl LP! He intends to survive.

The Modrats

The modrats were born six years ago when Ryan H., Lee K. and Pete S. emerged from their alien sac pods slimy, smelly and prepared to rock. Ryan played guitar and sang, Pete played bass and Lee the drums. It took five years of very liitle effort and absolutely no work before they started to play in front of people. After a short year of playing shows consistenly around Rock Hill and Charlotte the modrats realized they sucked and looked for a talented guitarist to hold them together. They looked no further than Rock Hills own Jeff B. Jeff felt sorry for the modrats and agreed to play thier stupid songs about ninjas and yetis. A few short months later Lee and Pete realized that Ryan smelled of cheetos and rotten fish. The smell angered them and they punched Ryan square in the nose and left the band. Saddened, heart broken and smelling of rotten fish Ryan and Jeff were determined to find a bassist and drummer who wouldn't punch them in the nose. Ten seconds later they recruited Michael B. on bass and Mike S. on drums. Now a complete band again the modrats decided to start a charitable organization aimed torwards keeping wombats from being infected with radioactive goo and in turn radioactive wombat killing machines. They quickly realized there was way too much involved in running a charitable organization and decided to record a new album instead. The new album "Set Your Phazers to Fun" will be released early in 2011 and the modrats continue to play shows around the carolinas. Michael and Mike have yet to punch Ryan in the nose.

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