Order of the Owl

With a backstory as epic as their name, Order of the Owl brings some of Atlanta's most die-hard musicians together in one growling beast of a band. Fronted by Zoroaster's Brent Anderson, the sound is decidedly metal, but drummer Corey Pallon's classic rock influence and guitarist Casey Yarbrough's driving progressive chords give new life to the usual detuned fare Atlanta's grown so famous for.

Grand Inquisitor

Upon Betrayal

A band of friends brought together through love of music and sarcasm and awesome fun and creativity. Came together to make one thing happen. Serve the music world with the best ideas yet, to come from young minds. And brought forth the blood, sweat, and moshing of their fans to come. Here a new beginning, and 'Awaken' the music we've been waiting to share to our families, friends, and fans. We welcome you. \m/

$10.00 - $12.00


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