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Shana Falana

Shana Falana is an experimental pysch-pop band emerging from Brooklyn's vast shoegaze scene. Combining live-looping of reverb-drenched vocals and guitar with drums, pre-recorded "backing tracks", and stunning visual projections, Shana's live experience has often been described as transcendental. Praised as "the most entrancing modern psychedelic pop now being made" by Chronogram magazine (NY), Shana is now touring the US and Europe in support of her debut EP, "In The Light".

Cement Stars

Cement Stars creates a unique aural experience with familiar components, drawing influence from different genres, eras and musical styles. While Cement Stars saw its beginnings as a lo-fi bedroom recording project between the Chicago-born, Charlotte-based fraternal duo of Shaun and Bryan Olson in the fall of 2006, the band has recently expanded to a 5-piece.


Indie/post punk band from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Gray Young

"Gray Young are immediately transcendent" --Bootleg Magazine

"Raleigh's Gray Young (who, for the record, use vocals, but in a largely textural way) makes its anthems say a lot in very little time, and such careful editing and composition amps the intensity. Look for the band's fantastic debut, Firmament, early in 2009." --the Independent Weekly

Firmament crams new experiences together like a masterful jigsaw puzzle. Take it apart. Put it together again. Take it apart. Put it together again.

"Gray Young makes large, full, mostly instrumental rock with riffs that shoot straight for the heavens and don't stop until they get you there." --the Daily Tar Heel

"Firmament leaves many a listener moodily swaying in its brilliance. Music this raw and delicate should be sought for." --The Technician

"A debut of emotional and musical depth with "Firmament." A debut that will be used as a test for all future releases. Rightly so, for a work this extraordinary from a band so young leaves us waiting for more. "Firmament" is a must for fans of post-rock, jangle, or shoegaze." –

"Gray Young have, as all great bands should, a sound of their own...just when you think this album has nothing left to give, the thread unravels a little bit more."

"Gray Young makes their moody songs come alive, keeping things exciting without relying on jittery A.D.D. rock to do so, and showing themselves to be completely bursting with talent and potential." --For the

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