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25 Minutes to Go

25 minutes to go was started in the fall of 2004 by Trey, Jon, and this dude named Zack that apparently fell off the planet. they wanted to be in a regular old punk rock band that was super fun. Little did they know, their lives were about to become way more awesome. Josh Morgan joined the band and played guitar. Zack left because Josh was way radder. then Josh went to fight for our freedom in Canada... he stayed there. then Kyle joined the band and produced vocal gold and bass playing prowess. Jon became the guitar player and singer. then Zane joined the band and played for a couple of years. then Zane left to be a carnie. Andy joined the band. that dude is pure rad. Andy left the band in July 2011 to save the world. he's doing that shit for real. www.lovegrows.org. Axe man and inkslinger AJ Lingerfeldt has recently taken over lead guitar duties and is slaying it all day and all night. the legend continues.

in the process of all that they've released three full length albums, an acoustic record, and a bunch of ep's that all rule way hard. those three full lengths and the AC/EP are available here...



PPR is from Atlanta. They have been playing long enough to know better.
PPR formed in the summer of 2002 at "the farm," a cabin in the woods owned by bassist Brian Weinberg's family. Not much was actually farmed there except insanity, which requires no watering and minimal upkeep. It was in these isolated surroundings that the band wrote much of the material for their self-titled debut EP, a raw and brash record not without a certain green charm.

Following the exodus from and subsequent burning/destruction of the farm, PPR wrote and recorded Diarrhea, a 34-song blast, which is awesome but a little hard for some people to take. The band did a tour of the East Coast to support the album, as well as countless shows closer to home. Trying to follow up Diarrhea proved difficult, with the band recording two unreleased albums—one acoustic and one electric. Original drummer Alex Picca left Atlanta around this time and the drum chair was filled by Chris Costello. At this point Chris was playing with local band Dented, and Spencer was occupied playing with the local band Sovus Radio. Following the demise of both of these bands PPR regained focus, and recorded material for their next two albums at the world famous Milestone Club in Charlotte, NC. The music from this marathon recording/drinking session was divided into two parts, Crab, an instrumental surf EP, and Breakfast, a heavy and somewhat experimental album.

PPR has shared the stage with the likes of Melt Banana, the Murder Junkies, Earlimart, Peelander-Z, and countless other less famous bands. They are currently in the process of recording their next full-length and Reason Y Records debut, The Robot Destroyer: Part I. The ambitious twenty-three minute song suite is being recorded at Bel Air Studios in Athens, GA, by Jason Nesmith of Casper and the Cookies fame. The Robot Destroyer: Part I is slated to be released early this summer.

South Side Punx

No Bullshit Queen City, East coast punk rock. We have played with The Vibrators, The Casualties, Lower Class Brats, Street Dogs, The Briefs, Dead Pets, Clit 45, River City Rebels, Brain Failure, Go Betty Go, Left Alone, NAKED AGGRESSION, Retching Red, the Independents, Straight Jacket, Buck Mountain Stranglers, Hectagons!, Boolow, Studio Gangsters, 25 Minutes To Go, the Low Budgets etc. Our goal is to make horrible noize and start a war.

Andy The Doorbum

Andy the Doorbum's been writing and playing music since he was 14, and would you believe it? He's still doin it! He's released 5 splits, 3 EPs, and just released his 4th full length as a Double Vinyl LP! He intends to survive.



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