Science, The Go Round, Thick Wild


*HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE* Unsigned Band of the Month - January 2013

*WINNER: 2013 Weekly Volcano "Best of Olympia: BEST NEW RECORD"*

*WINNER: 2012 Weekly Volcano "Best of Olympia: Best New Band"*

*WINNER: 2012 Olympia Music Awards; Judges and Fans Pick "Best Acoustic/Folk/Bluegrass Act"*

"Science! is riveting acoustic music...a perfectly simple, universal and truthful roots band." -Quyen Shanahan (WXPN, Philadelphia)

"A must hear...a new song that might be the most definitive Seattle scene song since Todd Snider lampooned us." - Shawn Stewart (Jet City Stream)

"I'm embarrassed that I didn't listen to anything else on this CD, but hearing you guys play, damn you're great players too. Jim, your guitar playing is phenomenal...Justin I love your voice, dude and I can't wait to hear this next song you're gonna play." - Marco Collins (Jet City Stream)

"Naturally captivating." -Matt Driscoll (Weekly Volcano)

"Great guitar work showcases what Science! is all about... The musical relationship that these guys have together really reminds me of the bond that Garcia and Grisman had musically." - Greg Tincher (Soniclectic Podcast)

"Rock is alive and well with new artists like Science! around to throw some wood into the fire." -James Moore (Skope Magazine)

"Excellent stuff...Naturally, we at PEV already love them."
-Richie Frieman (Pens Eye View)

"One of the few acts that we have been excited about in 2012."
-James McQuiston (NeuFutur Magazine)

“I got there as Science!’s Justin Stang and Jim Elenteny rocked and sang and just played the crap out of a couple of acoustic guitars. These guys are good…”
-Tucker Petertil (Olympia Power and Light)

The Go Round

The Go Round is the coming together of two Brooklyn songwriters, Brandon Whightsel and Richard Duke. The son of an etymologist and an alpine nurse, Brandon was born at the base camp of the third highest mountain in the Himalayas, Kangchenjunga ("Five Treasures of the Great Snow"). From these great heights he spent his youth descending into the intrepid and colorful world of the nomad. He spent his early teens as an olive farmer in northwestern Italy, where he whiled his free time away learning Italian folk songs on a Febricatore guitar. Richard was born in Tokyo, to a pair of English teachers teaching their way around the world. He ran away with his parents permission at 15, and spent his young adulthood busking through the former soviet block after picking up an abandoned guitar in the foyer of the Flying Pig in Amsterdam. The two met in 2006 on an on ramp outside of Kimball, Nebraska. Brandon was working his way out to Denver for a show that weekend, and Richard doesn't remember why he was there. Guitars in hand, they got to talking about the odds of both being dropped off, at the same time, on a lonely butte in the howling wind. Deciding at some point to stick together, the rest is history.

Thick Wild

Risen from the heart and lungs of the singer-songwriter Amelia Emmet and strengthened by the talent and passion of the finest talents in the rich state of Massachusetts, Nicholas Ward, Alec Tisdale and Brian Rutledge together make the Boston indie folk band RED HEROINE (formerly known as Mr. Sister)

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