Swingset Showdown, The Suborbitals, The Hang

Swingset Showdown

Swingset Showdown is a skilled group of musicians that use their talents to create exciting music that is full of humor. Everybody finds a different song to call their favorite. Their live shows are major spectacles that are an explosion of costumed antics, jokes, audience participation, drinking, dancing, colorful characters and over-the-top energy that is always way more entertaining than their ticket prices should allow.

Founded by Eric (piano) and Isaac (drums) in 2010, Swingset Showdown was a duo for the first couple of years as a band. Eric's sensibilities lean toward top-40 pop-sensationalism, and a song-writing style that is reminiscent of Ben Folds. Isaac is a counter-balance to this aesthetic with a strong lean toward punk rock, technical drumming like Tera Melos, and obtuse humor like They Might Be Giants. Jason (bass) came on in 2012, and adds a mathy and melodic style inspired by the surreal and upbeat styling of Deerhoof and The Shins.

Together, they form a whirlwind of piano-rock fun that will have you on your feet, face wide-eyed and exuberant, and their show will leave you wondering where the time went, wishing you could have that much fun every night!

The Suborbitals

"I wouldn't think [The Suborbitals] ever get compared to anyone else. It's a unique sound...and dark. It's really wonderful." - Sleepy John Sandidge, KPIG, 03/31/13

Described as "literary and analgesic," the Monterey Bay quartet is known for its live shows, most notably a yearlong run at the defunct Monterey Live. The Suborbitals sound blends inflections of jazz, punk, surf and indie and is driven by an incomparable rhythm section, wild flourishes of saxophone and "otherworldly lyrics." Don't miss these true Northern California originals. For more, visit www.facebook.com/thesuborbitals

The Hang

The Hang plays "New Old-School Rock."

"Against a sonic scape of generally mediocre hooks and bands that are just trying too hard and taking themselves too seriously, The Hang delivers unpretentious, laid back, solid meat-and-potatoes rock and roll with ease while having a good time. These guys are friends, and they like each other, and they like their fans. Without trying to, they effortlessly bring everyone in. By the end of the gig, a room full of strangers felt thick as thieves and a thunder and lightning spiked Friday the 13th seemed like the luckiest day of the year for good music." - The Examiner.


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