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Survay Says

Seven members, 100+ shows in 2011, 149 shows in 2012, 1 unified goal: To make audiences have the most fun possible!
Survay Says! is a 7-piece ska/pop punk band from a small town called Blairstown, NJ. Originally forming in 2008 by brothers Henry & D.Jay Menzel, Survay Says! has spent the last 3 years honing their craft to bring listeners the horn-driven sound ska fans crave along with the high speed energy of pop punk. If there is one word that could sum up an SS! set, that word would be "fun", and that's exactly what the band strives for.
While the band's music and live sets are all about play, Survay Says! off stage is all about work. While working completely independant of any representation, SS! managed to book and play 100+ shows in 12 states in 2011 alone and cracked 200 career shows in January 2012 and the band doesn't plan to slow down. In October 2010, the band released their 2nd full length album entitled "Well... Here It Is!" on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and many other online outlets, selling on average about 50 units per month since its release with 500+ physical units sold to date. The band also has plans to release a new LP this spring.
Despite their dedication to this industry, Survay Says! makes sure to interact with any and all fans. Feel free to keep in touch with the band right here on Facebook! Thank you for listening to Survay Says!

Save The Swim Team

We came, we punked it up, we conquered...

Scene Of Irony

St Louis' ENGLISH connection!
Maurice "Moe" Holmes(vocals, guitar)Donnell Robinson(drums)Shawn Combs(guitar)Shaughnessy Denney(bass, backing vocals)Our first projected date for eligibility into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame: April 1, 2029

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