Art In Motion presents Chloe Flower LIVE with The Yomoco :: An Evening of Music & Dance to Benefit Project Hong Kong

Chloe Flower

Chloe Flower is a classically trained pianist currently working on her debut album which fuses her own traditional arrangements with contemporary beats.

Produced by the legendary Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, this ground- breaking album marks an unprecedented collaboration between Chloe and her inspiration, Somaly Mam.

The album is a journey of emotions separated by three acts, each opening with the moving words of Deepak Chopra.

Using the power of music, Chloe hopes to bring a much needed awareness to the human trafficking epidemic. Strong and moving themes were carefully chosen to trigger specific emotions in the listener.

Deepak Chopra’s opening words in each act guide the audience through a journey from innocence to suffering, then culminating with hope and healing. Chloe will be donating a portion of her album sales to The Somaly Mam Foundation in an effort to help end human trafficking.
Chloe has performed throughout the United States and abroad, and attended the Aspen Summer Music Festival with her late piano teacher, Herbert Stessin of The Juilliard School.
She also has studied with Aaron Shorr at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

In addition to piano, Chloe played the cello for ten years. She speaks four languages including Hindi, French, and Korean. She was recently accepted into the private studio of New York Philharmonic harpsichordist Lionel Party who is also a faculty member at the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music and The Juilliard School.

Chloe has worked with legendary artists outside the classical sphere. Her song with NAS, A Queens Story, was released on his latest studio album this year. She recorded with Celine Dion for her much anticipated 2012 album and has also recently recorded with Beyonce for her upcoming album.

Chloe has performed all over the United States and abroad including 2012 performances for Gwyneth Paltrow, Christy Turlington, Tracy Anderson, Duchess Sarah Ferguson, Russell Simmons, Susan Sarandon, and others.

founded by artistic directors Matthew Albert and Robert Vail, The YoMoCo strives to blend the artistic spheres of movement, film, fashion, original music and photography to produce innovative and original works.The company was founded in 2010 out of the need to merge dance with other artistic elements to produce more dynamic, multifaceted art. The collective is comprised of artists that have a passion for their art and an urge to experience other original perspectives.

Your ancestors are being awoken by dark merchants. They are crawling out from inside your chest because they have heard and cannot ignore the drum. They are being pelted and baptized by a voice of metal rain. They are being called out by the restless natives of a dark future. They are being initiated into a Galaxy of Tar.

A reverberating bass line (Samuel Fernandez) shapes their new bloodlines. It pushes through the dead skin, thumping a pulse out of dried veins. The guitar; torn aluminum (Nemanja Rebic) shocks their heart into new palpitations and scrapes the skin like sharp licks through a chaos. Properly and evenly scarred the drum pushes their new palpitations into a new rhythm. Drums that are simultaneously a driving force and a shield. Drums that co-founding member Elias Diaz has developed out of a fabric of influence from his Dominican Republic and musical rebirth in New York. The native voice, the tar poetic, the unkneeling pneuma of co-founding member Naima Mora guides the reborn through this galaxy of metals, industry, and rhythm.

Galaxy of Tar is the second initiative for the Diaz/Mora pair. A wiser more assertive and musically rounded project than their previous group; Chewing Pics. Though aggressive and hard hitting the musical finesse is not lost. The voice and poetry of Mora is as strong and textured as Diaz's soundscape, creating a balance of unrelenting energy and painful grace. This is a music that evokes the deadened spirit inside you that has been put to sleep by the beige and nice ways of pretending to get along. A music meant to rebirth that long held person within who prematurely went home before the fight was over. Brooklyn, NY is the backdrop for the collective voice of the unruly natives whose sound inherently matches the town's character.

The group is currently performing live throughout New York and touring the US. Spirits and images, shreds of music old and new, passion, pain, vulnerability and strength become the amalgamation that is Galaxy of Tar; something you won't soon be able to ignore.

DJ Arana

Founder and resident DJ of the Wobble parties at Cielo (third Friday of every month) and his monthly Sorted parties, Arana has quickly built a reputation as one of New York City’s most dynamic and versatile DJs by weaving together energetic, tightly-executed sets of underground dance music and moving his dance floors with bending basslines, intricate layers and an uncompromising focus on musicality beyond the simple boom-boom.

Using a 3-channel setup and an aggressive mixing style, Arana pushes his sets into live-remix terrain through frequent use of filters, effects, hot cues and fader cuts. Those sets cover a broad range of house, techno, minimal, indie/electronica and bass music and often contain exciting movements between bright/uplifting and dark/dirty extremes. An experienced special events music programmer and DJ, Arana also commands a broad knowledge of many genres including jazz, funk and most forms of classic and contemporary dance music. Whatever label or description is applied to the music he plays, Arana has an uncanny ability to hear the harmonic, rhythmic and melodic elements which he knows will resonate with his audience to inspire authentic movement and feeling on the floor.

Arana honed his musical ear composing on classical guitar and playing in rock bands starting at the age of 13. After moving to NYC to study law at NYU, he fell in love with dance music in 1999, taught himself to DJ in 2003 as he juggled life as a corporate lawyer, and then launched the first Wobble parties in 2004 as moved his law practice to the back-burner. He is currently focused on his monthly music events and finalizing his first release for the launch of his upstart tech-house label, Wobble Music, based in the Lower East Side.


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Art in Motion brings art, music, fashion, and photography workshops to more than 1,200 children in Europe, Haiti, and America working with incredible organizations and programs. Their next initiative, Project Hong Kong takes them to Asia this Spring where they will be working with HandsOn Hong Kong and The Somaly Mam Foundation (in Cambodia) teaching art, empowerment and photography workshops to underprivileged youth from across SE Asia. To help support Project Hong Kong, Art In Motion is producing an incredible night of music and dance featuring.. CHLOE FLOWER - LIVE! THE YOMOCO (dance performance) music by Top Model Naima Mora's band (Galaxy of Tar) & DJ Arana

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