Andy D fancies himself the anachronistic love child of Punky Brewster and Lee Van Cleef – the perfect amalgam of a fictional rogue and a real-life badass. He plays music this like he lives life and it sounds like Andrew WK meets Grand Master Melle Mel or Like Prince if he couldn’t sing that well and if he weren’t a hyper-talented multi-instrumentalist. This is what his music is all about: part epicurean hip-hop-dance songs and part sincere dance rock songs, being eclectic and catchy is the only goal. “God Loves Drunk Chicks” is a infectious dance ditty lamenting date rape culture and “Just Push Play” is a witty indictment of “the next big thing” trend in the music industry and pop culture in general (both tracks are from the debut album Choose Your Perversion). This is rap but not hip-hop. It rocks but it's not rap-rock. These songs are meaningful party songs but maximized! Andy D bends the genres but his influences are pretty apparent. And people take notice where ever he goes. From rapping about having sex with Werewolves to singing about knife fights in a roller rink, no subject is taboo in an Andy D song; and he gets raunchy with it. Half of the fun of Andy D is hearing what he will say next… the other half is dancing. Welcome to your new addiction!

Tam Tam the Sandwich Man and The Magical Sugar Cookies

Long ago, before the age of men, there lived a group of spirits. These spirits floated aimlessly in the ethereal plane until, one day, there was Tam-tam the Sandwichman. Under the guidance of this ultimate spectre the rest of the spirits morphed into what was to become Humanity. Tam-tam then adopted the role of a muse inspiring all who've ever created anything good. If it werent for Tam-tam there would be no music, no art, no poetry, no prose, and certainly no love.
During the summer of 2008 Tam-tam elected three musicians to become the voice of his desires. In these times of tragedy and irony there is only one refuge, art. Thankfully, in spite of war and famine, art continues to inspire love and peace, still under the sweet guidance of Tam-tam. Remember that Tam-tam lives inside all of you, and let the good feelings win.


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