Afrolicious has established itself as both one of the most legendary weekly parties in San Francisco, and of the top live/electronic bands on the scene. Started as a weekly dance party featuring DJ's and brothers Pleasuremaker and Señor Oz alongside percussionists, MC's and horn players, and an amazing crowd from day one, over the years it has evolved as founding DJ/Producer Pleausremaker (Joe Mc...Guire) alongside brother Señor Oz (Oz McGuire) hooked up with some of the most exciting personalities in the Bay Area music scene and started writing original music under the alias Afrolicious. Around 2010 the live Pleasuremaker band started including some of this new 'Afrolicious' material and added more of the percussionists and vocalists from the weekly party to form what is now the Afrolicious band. Between their weekly party and sound system shows that involve the brothers DJing alongside live percussion, they also have a 8-12 piece live band that emphasizes the organic elements, instrumentation, and energy of a live ensemble combined with club heavy beats and textures the weekly party has come to be known for.

Monomono with Joni Haastrip

Despite a reputation as one of Nigeria’s most successful and best Afro-Beat boom bands, information about Monomono remains scarce on the Internet. Even the normally dependable, All Music Guide, lacks a bio on the three-piece outfit. I’ll presume it’s due to Google searches yielding results on “the kissing disease,” not Monomono’s definition in Yoruba: Dawn of Awareness.

Fronted by golden-throated frontman, Johnny Haastrup (also known as Joni), Dawn of Awareness saw release on Capitol/EMI in 1974. Unsurprisingly, it takes direct cues from Nigerian funk overlord, Fela Kuti, who’d previously employed Monomono co-founder, Friday Jumbo, as a conguero. In fact, the album cover even offers, “thanks to brother Fela, for the little hint that did a good job.”

But rather than succumb to sterile imitation, Monomono cook up their own sound, opting for a comparatively poppier aesthetic (meaning most tracks run in the four to six minute range). Nonetheless, if you dig Fela, you’ll love this, with star-scraping vocals, infinite organ lines, polyrhythmic drums, and supernal sax riffs, all snipped from the same sokoto.

Miles Green

Miles Green is one of the most versatile and dynamic DJs in the Bay Area. For him, the DJ craft is a hobby, habit, passion, obsession and a way of life. Miles is a skilled entertainer who can DJ, Produce, MC and play multiple instruments. People can see and hear the passion and commitment to the craft every time he takes the stage.

Miles has played at clubs, lounges, restaurants and other venues around the world. He resides in the Northern California and travels frequently to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Atlanta. Musical adventures have recently led Miles to Brazil, England, The Netherlands and France. Tours are scheduled for Africa and Asia in 2012. Catch him at a venue near you or search for 101 REVOLUTIONS RADIO on iTunes to hear the show.

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