FREE SHOW! Robert Schwartzman and Friends, GANGI, Kisses (DJ Set), Knesset

Robert Schwartzman and Friends

Musician, producer, songwriter, artist. I love to make people happy.

The GANGI duo are Time Travelers, taking from the past and the future and inventing new genres in today's space-time... across history forward and back, and it's all levy, as present is, but said that way, one states... a different space-time. GANGI's music is a bit disorienting, spanning across these many different genres... a fact they blame on all the bright lights and industrial / informational noise they encounter and we are all surrounded with as we go about our daily business in these post info age times. GANGI takes almost every aspect of their music production upon themselves at the Office of Analogue and Digital in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

Kisses (DJ Set)

"The sunny but sad dance music from this LA duo suggests Bernard Sumner jamming with Belle and Sebastian. ... Just behind Gorillaz, Foals and RJD2 in a list of the most blogged-about current acts, according to the Hype Machine, are Kisses, a new duo from Los Angeles who specialise in a sort of dreamy, wistful disco with a hint of 70s Guilty Pleasures about it – think Oh Lori by Alessi Brothers worked up into a high gloss by Gino Soccio. The name is revealing – Kisses. It's a reminder that, while funk was about sweat and sex, disco was about yearning and romance, ie ripe for the C86 treatment." --Guardian UK


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