Liz And The Lost Boys (Record Release Show)

Liz And The Lost Boys

Folk-rock outfit Liz & the Lost Boys draws from a melange of influences including Ravel, Nina Simone, and Grizzly Bear. Forms and quotations lifted from classical music and harmony borrowed from jazz meet to accompany pop melodies. Songwriter Liz Ciavolino on harp and piano is joined by Dane Galloway on guitar, Eric Huefner on drums, and Will Wright on bass. The Philly-based quartet has been performing in the area since 2011. Their eponymous debut album was released in June 2013, followed by the singles The Forest and the Farmer/February in December 2013. Now they’re back with two new tunes, As If and Explain, released in August 2014. Expect rhythms to sway to, enigmatic lyrics, lush harp chords, excursions into atonality, and hummable hooks about your last break up.

“Listening to Liz & the Lost Boys is like sitting down to lunch with a good friend. It’s the complete openness and honesty that shines in Liz Ciavolino’s lyrics, carried on gentle harp strings. The music does not overpower, despite the layered and varying sounds coming from not only Ciavolino - who’s accomplished on both the harp and piano - but from her Lost Boys, who provide the melodic breeze her vocals float on.“

-Shaylin O’Connell of The Deli Philadelphia

Anjuli Josephine

Anjuli Josephine, an emerging Philadelphia based artist, has released her debut EP featuring catchy single "Can't Keep Up." John Vetesse of XPN's The Key writes "The soulful Canadian born singer-songwriter, who easily draws comparison to artists like Regina Spektor and KT Tunstall, has been enjoying success playing the local circuit over the last two months..." The Ontario native moved to the States as a child when her parents found work inPennsylvania. Anjuli began playing classical violin at age six but it wasn'tuntil her teens and the introduction of guitar that her musical passionshifted. "I was enjoying the guitar, an instrument that was not accompanied by the rigors of classical instruction, and growing so tired of the one and only song I knew, Bob Marley's Redemption Song, that I took to writing my own songs", Anjuli explains. Songwriting took over her musical pursuits but stage freight limited her reach. Aside from the sporadic open mic, her music was heard by a select few until she paired with childhood friend Karl Rieders, who was already a Philly music scene veteran. They quickly reunited with keyboardist and long time friend Al Daniels and drummer Nate Kowalski who had played in bands with Rieders in the past. The band was formed and work on her debut EP at Kawari Sound followed. The result is a sound that has intricate pop sensibilities, and establishes Anjuli as new powerful female voice on the scene.

Son Step

Son Step is a unique collaborative effort based in both Philadelphia and New York City, comprised of a rotating cast of members- twin brothers Jon and Chris Coyle (vocals/electronics and bass), Matt Scarano (percussion), Pat Lamborn (guitar) and Joel Gleiser (vocals/synthesizer). In the business of importing/exporting off-kilter moods, dense & joyful rhythms, euphoric question marks for the ears, etc…

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