Empty Chairs, RedFoot

Empty Chairs

Ethereally impressionistic, Empty Chairs uses rhythmic samples coupled with interwoven harmonies and guitars to create an enveloping and kaleidoscopic atmosphere. Started in 2011, singer-guitarist Peter Spear was joined by bandmates Whitney Broadstreet and Matthew O'Koren following the release of Empty Chairs EP. Their first full-length, Caveat Emptor, is due out in Spring 2013.


This four piece NYC band has seemed to have come out of nowhere with a debut single that makes quite a bold statement. "Make It Quick" is a slow burning piece of chamber pop, bringing in inspiration from the '60s and merging the sounds with contemporary indie rock.

Tense, nervous vocals seem to tiptoe around the distorted instrumental track, while light drums keep the solemn tune rolling forward. Emotion pours out through the lyrics keeping you within a dark, psychedelic trance throughout a majority of "Make It Quick". All of this continually builds into a grand cry, promising a phoenix-like return from ashes.


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