Portrait of Jason

New 35mm restored print!
dir. Shirley Clarke, US, 1967, 35mm, b/w, 105 min.

Introduced by Dennis Doros, film archivist and co-founder of Milestone Films

Shirley Clarke’s feature length portrait of Jason Holiday is one of the most unique and significant works of American independent film from the 1960s. Culled from hours of footage shot by Clarke and partner Carl Lee over the course of one evening, Portrait of Jason is a fascinating and raw document. Holiday, née Aaron Payne, is riveting as he vacillates between recounting charming anecdotes from his past and opening up about the harsh realities of being black and gay in 1960s America, all with considerable goading from the off-screen voices of Clarke and Lee. Clarke’s film is unlike any other film made at the time and is often cited as her masterwork. This new restoration is part of Project Shirley, a four-year mission by Milestone Films to explore the life and work of Shirley Clarke by partnering with archives around the world to bring out the best versions of her films.

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