Hot 8 Brass Band, West Philadelphia Orchestra

Hot 8 Brass Band

New Orleans’ Hot 8 Brass Band was founded in 1995 by tuba player Bennie Pete, Jerome “Bay Bay” Jones (trombone) and Harry “Swamp Thang” Cook (bass drum) to play brass band music professionally. Although many of the current members began playing together in high school, over time the line-up has inevitably shifted and changed, and continues to do so. But any incarnation of Hot 8 Brass Band will boast eight or nine players of the highest rate, bringing the passion and noise through a bevy of trombones, saxophones, trumpets, snare and bass drums, all buoyed up by the immense tuba basslines of band leader Bennie Pete.

Sets at 10PM and 12AM
Hot 8 Brass Band have always believed in contributing to their culture by playing in traditional Second Line parades, expressions of freedom and community through music and interaction. They have earned a great reputation on the streets, with seemingly boundless work ethic and energy: Hot 8 have been known to pack in nine shows in a single day.

Hot 8 band leader Bennie “Big Peter” Pete sums up what their music means to them and the wider world: “Hot 8 music is feel good music…music with a message. It’s life music.”

West Philadelphia Orchestra

An eclectic ensemble made up of Philly’s finest and wildest musicians, the West Philadelphia Orchestra will get you moving with the poignant melodies and the frenetic, propulsive rhythms of Eastern Europe. Enjoy a unique mix of Balkan and klezmer sounds, the powerful rhythms of samba and dancehall, the growling energy of punk rock, the spontaneity of jazz, and, of course, the soul and grit of Philadelphia.



All shows are 21+ Proper I.D. required for admission

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