Bigger Than Elvis

Bigger than Elvis. Rockabilly heavy on the rock.

Indianapolis Rockabilly band plays at Radio Radio the second Friday of every month! featuring :
Danny Thompson, Thom Woodard, Wade Parish and Tufty

Randy King and The New Positions

A show by Randy King and The New Positions is a whirlwind musical vacation, whisking you from '60s British Invasion to '80s British Invasion (and invasions yet to come), with stops in Funky Town. You'll hear snappy takes on great songs that might have slipped your mind. Is that a cover of a tune by The Zombies? Yes, but not one of their oft-played hits. Too easy. It's obscure. And it's perfect.

Even better are the originals, should-be hits from an alternate universe, a better universe. Randy has written remarkable songs since he was a teen in Crawfordsville, Indiana. He moved to Indianapolis and became one of the leading figures in the city's late '70s/early '80s punk and new wave explosion. Your Parents was the first band and their music was as cool as their name. Next came Video Kids, and finally, The Positions.

Cut to now and check out The New Positions, which include members of seminal Indy bands.

Guitarist Erich Anderson started with Randy around four years ago. He is also one of The Fuglees and plays with Naptown Boogie. Over the years, he's played with Toxic Reasons, The Cryotocats and others.

Keyboardist Shellie Burchett's first paying gig was at 12 yrs old. Notable bands? Fine Line, The Refrigerators (a Crazy Al's club staple), The Lovers and more. Shellie charted with a dance record under the name Erika. She's been a New Position for 4 years.

Bassist player John Mitchell joined the band in 2014. A founding member of Zero Boys and Your Parents, John also covers Randy's weak areas as manager and scribe.

Drummer and Detroit native Terry Fox is the sole non-Hoosier New Position. He's also a Rockaholic and among his notable alumni are The Traitors (fronted by Don Was), The Motor City Revue, The 27 and backing Curtis Knight in The Midnight Gypsies.

Enough Cliffsnotes. Randy King and the New Positions are essential. They're fun and they will enhance your life for a modest fee. Now go find out for yourself.

Moon Rocks

Indianapolis-based Moon Rocks (formed in 2010) are well-seasoned musicians that offer an eclectic array of rock originals that range from poignant to defiant - delivered with a passion that conveys the resilient legacy of its band members. Moon Rock’s work is most notable for incorporating a myriad of musical genres, such as Ska, Reggae, Classical, Country, and Blues, while keeping true to their rock and roll roots.
Rex Martin, who shares vocals with Laura Feltner, is the band’s founder, keyboardist extraordinaire, and primary songwriter. Since his early career as co-owner of Wonderwall records on the Eastside, he has performed in Indy bands since the 80’s including The Positions, The Obvious (with Moon Rock’s drummer, Little Oscar), Abstractions, and the Reverberaters. During the Abstractions years, Rex likewise teamed up with current Moon Rocks artists: Kenny Pemberton, guitar; Jack Gummer, guitar; and Mike Welch, bass.
Before his Moon Rock’s incarnation, Jack Gummer shined as the guitarist of New York-based, Historic Doubts, Indy’s Barry Smith Method, and slide-guitar wizard of the blues band, Catfish and the Bottom Feeders. Drummer, Little Oscar, (formerly of Oxygen - Indy, and The Anti-Section - NY City), not only adds his rhythmic magic to both the Moon Rocks and Randy King and The New Positions, he has produced two solo albums under the pseudonym, Little Oscar and the Oscats, entitled “Like a Fine Wine” and “Whatever Happened to the 70’s?” - these albums can be found on iTunes.
Laura Feltner, who hails from a family of accomplished musicians, lent her powerful, soulful - yet saucy - vocals to country band, Winterhawk, and acoustic group, Cactus Jack prior to joining the Moon Rocks. Likewise, bass player, Mike Welch, is a versatile artist that divides his musical passions between rock and classical music, also performing with the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra. Finally, Kenny Pemberton, whose enigmatic guitar expertise is widely known throughout Indianapolis, has also begun writing songs for the Moon Rocks, adding to the multiplicity of the band’s broad appeal.
The Moon Rock’s first album is set to debut this summer.


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