Rich & The Rockin' Dogs

Rich & The Rockin' Dogs

Rich & The Rockin' Dogs play family music that rocks.

We don't play kid's acoustic folk-rock. That's not our style. We plug the electric six-strings into our amps, crank up the gain and go wild. We play authentic rock music, and we sing songs that your whole family can get into.

Our music isn't perfect and polished, but that's okay. Disney has a few kid's bands, if that's your thing.

No one ever complained that we're too loud, but we can always make it louder. We're safe for infants and toddlers. And parents love our live show guarantee: We don't play bad songs that get stuck in your head in an endless loop.

We play real, honest rock that will leave your kids begging for their first Les Paul.

As a great front man once said, "Let's kick out the jams!"

We'll see you at the show, if you think your family can rock hard enough.


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